Most of our accommodation on campus, which is quick and easy to get around. As a guide, it takes around 20-25 minutes to walk from Market Square on Campus West to our Campus East colleges. There's also a free shuttle bus.

Teaching can take place anywhere on campus, so don't feel like you need to live right next to your department. You might also want to consider the location of things like the Library, shops and sports facilities when making your decision.

On Campus

Wentworth College is the University's only fully postgraduate college and is where the majority of postgraduates stay on campus. If you live in other campus accommodation, you'll be in a flat or block with other postgraduate students.

Living on campus has the benefit of having university facilities right on your doorstep.

Student Castle

We include University-approved private sector accommodation (Student Castle) as a choice in our postgraduate application form. If you select Student Castle you will be invited to apply directly to Student Castle and enter into an agreement directly with them.

Student Castle’s terms and conditions, cancellation policy and payment terms are different from the ones for University-owned accommodation. Student Castle will contact you with further information about payments and their terms and conditions. You can find more information on the Student Castle Website.

Ensuite or shared bathroom?

Just over half of our rooms have shared bathrooms. You'll have your own wash basin in your bedroom, and share bathroom facilities with other students in your flat, corridor or house. Shared bathrooms are only used by one student at a time, and they’re cleaned daily (Monday to Friday).

If you have an ensuite bedroom you'll have your own bathroom (containing a toilet, wash basin and shower) in your bedroom. Ensuite bathrooms are cleaned monthly.

Price bands

We have a range of options to suit you and your budget, from band 1 rooms in older blocks where the University first began, to newer, band 4 accommodation with a television and a TV Licence in their spacious shared kitchens.

Our price bands can also reflect the age, condition and size of our accommodation, as well as things like how many students you'll be sharing your kitchen and bathroom facilities with.

Meal in Advance Deal

The Meals in Advance Deal allows you to purchase your meals on a term by term basis, with savings of up to 18%.

Additional requests

You can use our online accommodation application system to let us know about anything else you would like us to take into consideration.

Please note: Some of our rooms are accessible, equipped for students with additional requirements. They include the same facilities but may have, for example, a grab rail or larger wet room. Depending on demand, students may be allocated an accessible room without specifically requiring one.