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Studying at York‌

Our Disability team can arrange academic support and adjustments if you have a disability or long-term health condition that has a significant impact on your ability to study.

You'll find information for all students about managing your studies in our Studying at York pages. This includes:

  • ways to develop your skills
  • things you need to know about examinations and assessment
  • what to do if there are issues stopping you from progressing in your studies

We also help with additional issues that affect international students, particularly relating to your visa.

Academic issues for international students

Transferring or changing courses

UKVI has introduced changes that may affect students changing, transferring or starting on a new course, or those who fail their course and are offered a lower award. If you have failed your course or are considering making any changes to your programme, you are strongly advised to contact the Immigration Advice Service - see Immigration advice for contact details. 

 Information about transferring your course of study:

If you change your course of study from the one for which you were granted a visa, you must apply for a new visa before you can start your new studies. You may be required to leave the UK and apply for a new Tier 4 visa from your home country. You will not be able to start your course until you have applied for a new Tier 4 visa. If you fail to submit your application before your course start date, you will be placed on Leave of Absence and will have to leave the UK. See renewing your visa for more information.

Further information

Taking a leave of absence

If you wish to take a leave of absence from the University, you must consult with an Immigration Adviser before taking this step.

Having permission to remain in the UK as a student means that the immigration authorities in this country have given you permission to enter and stay here to study on a full-time, organised, daytime course.

If you take a leave of absence you will be required to go home and re-enter the UK only when you resume full-time study. You must apply for a new Tier 4 (General) visa before returning to the UK. If you stay in the UK when not studying full-time this could result in deportation. Please note that self-study does not count as full-time organised study.

If you haven't already done so, you should discuss taking a leave of absence with your course supervisor/ director.

Further information

Paying tuition fees

Tuition and accommodation fees should be paid directly to the University. Please retain a copy of the receipt. 

The University will never offer discounts on tuition or accommodation fees through third parties. 

  • Never give any money to a third party offering to pay your fees.
  • Never respond to any emails requesting personal information.

Find information about paying in instalments on our tuition fees page.

Find out ways of paying the University.

Financial problems?

You can apply to the International Student Support Fund if you find yourself in financial difficulty due to unexpected or unforeseeable events. For example:

  • financial support is stopped because of a sudden change in political situation in your home country
  • you suffer an injury, causing you to incur unexpected additional transport costs

Find out more about student support and emergency funding

If you fail your course (Tier 4 visa)

If you fail your course and you have a Tier 4 visa, the University will notify UK Visas and Immigration, who will cancel your visa.

You will receive a University of York letter to advise you of your situation. The letter will confirm that you have 60 days from the date of the letter to either leave the UK or apply for another visa. You can only apply for another visa if you are accepted onto a different course of study and you must return home to make this application.

If you have a job, you must stop working from the date of the letter.

If you wish to submit an appeal, and are entitled to do so, you must still leave the UK within 60 days whilst waiting for the outcome. This is because you will no longer be studying full time on your current course, which is a condition of your Tier 4 visa.

Please speak to a University immigration adviser for more information - see Immigration advice for contact details.

Academic English language support

  • Writing and Language Skills Centre
    The Writing Centre offers a range of courses, workshops, and one-to-one consultations for all overseas and EU undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Online Grammar Checkers
    LanguageTool is one example of a free online grammar checker. However, you should not rely on grammar checkers when preparing written work.

Developing your skills‌

The Library, Writing Centre, Maths Skills Centre, and Careers and Placements all offer ways to help you develop your study skills and enhance your future employability.