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Resits, repeats and readmission

Resits and sits 'as if for the first time'

If you have failed or missed an examination because of medical or compassionate circumstances the department may request permission for you to take the examination again 'as if for the first time', which means discounting the failed or missed attempt.

You would need to submit an exceptional circumstances claim form and evidence at the time of the problem. Your claim form must be submitted by no later than a week after the exam or submission deadline of the affected work. 

If you have several resit examinations during the Summer vacation and believe you are unlikely to pass because of your personal circumstances then you should discuss with your supervisor the possibility of requesting leave of absence for a year and returning to take the examinations when your circumstances have improved. Any request to do this would need to take place before the re-sit examinations.

Repeat study

If you want to repeat part of your degree programme then you will need to show that you have personal circumstances which mean that you did not benefit from the teaching the first time.

If you are in this situation please contact your supervisor as your department will need to make this request to the Special Cases Committee on your behalf. You may also need to take a break from your studies (a leave of absence) in order to join the programme again at the right time.

If you are allowed to repeat part of your programme you will be charged tuition fees for the repeat period so you may also like to talk to the Student Support Office about funding.

Readmission of former students

If you have to leave your programme because you have failed the year then you will not be permitted to restart the same programme at the start of the next academic year, nor will you be permitted to repeat any part of the programme you failed. You are free to apply to another programme at the University of York as a new student, as long as that programme does not have any course content which overlaps with the programme you failed. 

If you withdraw from your programme then you do not have a right to return to it if you change your mind. If you reapply to the University and any department where you have previously studied wants to offer you a place then permission from Special Cases Committee is also required. 

Who to contact

For academic progress issues you should talk to your supervisor.

Alternatively, please contact:

  • Student Hub
    Student Hub, Market Square
  • Tel: 01904 324140
  • Office Hours: Term time: 9am - 5pm, Monday to Thursday, 10am - 5pm Friday
    Office hours: Vacation: 10am - 4pm, Monday to Friday