Accessibility statement

Credit load

A student may only register for more additional credit than is required by their programme (eg more than 120 credits per year for UG and 180 for PGT) where this is expressly approved as part of the programme specification, or with explicit permission from Special Cases. 

Where additional credit is taken, it cannot be included in the calculation of any progression decisions or degree classifications, and as such it must be clear to both the student and the school/department which credit is additional and which is included in calculations of progression and award at the outset of the module. This is known as ‘auditing’ credit. 

Students will only be permitted to audit credit where the request is supported by the department and it is due to a procedural error on the part of the University or compelling reasons for the request can be evidenced. 

The University Academic Framework can allow a credit load of between 100 and 140 credits per academic year. Any variation below or above those limits will only be approved where it is a result of a change in mode of attendance request (7.4). 

The University Academic Framework also limits the number of credits per degree programme to 360 for three-year programmes and 480 for four-year programmes.

Special Cases cannot permit variations to these limits, aside from permitting auditing of additional credits as outlined above. 

A request to audit a module must come via email from the Chair of the Board of Studies to

Special Cases will require a memo from the Chair of Board of Studies explaining why this request is being made.

For further information please see the Special Cases Progress Case Policy.

Who to contact

For academic progress issues you should talk to your supervisor.

Alternatively, please contact:

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  • Tel: 01904 324140
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