Accessibility statement

Credit load

The following applies only to some students who commenced in 2009 or earlier and have not had a period of suspension of studies:

The University Academic Framework can allow a credit load of between 100 and 140 credits per academic year. Any variation below or above those limits needs approval by Special Cases Committee if not resolved by Student Administrative Services who will deal with straightforward anomalies.

The University Academic Framework also limits the number of credits per degree programme to 360 for three-year programmes and 480 for four-year programmes. These totals cannot be reduced or increased without the approval of Special Cases Committee.

Who to contact

For academic progress issues you should talk to your supervisor.

Alternatively, please contact:

  • Student Hub
    Student Hub, Market Square
  • Tel: 01904 324140
  • Office Hours: Term time: 9am - 5pm, Monday to Thursday, 10am - 5pm Friday
    Office hours: Vacation: 10am - 4pm, Monday to Friday