Once you've accepted an unconditional offer, there are some things you'll need to do. 

You will be emailed instructions (typically around six weeks before your course starts).

We will send a 'joining instructions' email to your personal email account detailing what to do - please read it carefully.

Set up your account at idm.york.ac.uk using the York username and password sent to you in your joining instructions email.

Once you have set up your IT account, keep checking your University email account (Google Mail) as this is where we will send all future communications, including any module choices. 

Log in to e:Vision, your student record, using your York username and password and complete the enrolment tasks. You'll need to register for the Duo two-factor authentication service before you can use e:Vision.

  • Enrol (and register to vote if a UK resident)
  • Upload a passport-style photo
  • Upload proof of eligibility to study in the UK, such as your UK passport or proof of visa application
  • Set up direct debits for your accommodation (if you're in University accommodation) and tuition fees (if you're paying your own fees)

On campus
Using our Accommodation Hub, apply for University accommodation (or accept your offer if you've pre-booked) and pay the £200 advance payment. If you haven't yet decided where to live, find out more about campus accommodation and livechat with our friendly accommodation advisers.

Postgraduate rooms are self-catered, with the option to buy discounted meals. You can also buy a bedding pack before you arrive.

Off campus
If you're not living on campus, find somewhere to live. It's also advisable to insure your personal belongings (contents insurance is included in all University accommodation).

  • Visit your department’s website for any subject-specific funding which might be available to you.
  • In case your funding is delayed, make sure you have enough money to last the first few weeks of term.     
  • Look into opening a student bank account.
  • International students: make sure you have enough money to cover you while waiting to open a UK bank account.
  • Make a budget. Our budgeting guide may help, however please be aware that the sample budgets are given with a single student in mind. We also have specific advice for students with families with our general information about living costs.

See our pages for new international students for helpful information and advice if you're coming to us from overseas.

  • Let us know of any requirements or adjustments you may need for your University accommodation.
  • Let the Disability Services or Open Door know of any requirements or adjustments we can make to help you learn. This may include disability or mental health support.

There are some things you need to know and do before you begin your studies with us. See what you need to do to get ready to arrive, including checking your emails and completing the online induction. Work through the modules to get off to a great start.

Getting ready