Accessibility statement

Opening a UK bank account

You will normally be required to show all of the following original documents before a bank account can be opened:

  • Your passport or ID card as proof of identity
  • Your unconditional offer letter showing your overseas address
  • Your Letter of Introduction, which should include your UK address
  • Your BRP*
  • Accounts should initially be applied for online. Most banks will not require you to go into the branch in person to complete the process. For those banks which do require documents to be verified in person, an appointment will be offered. 

* If your BRP has been delayed due to the UKVI production issues, please note that Barclays and Santander will accept your application without a BRP.  You will need, in addition to the other documents listed above, a Confirmation of Study letter that includes your residential address in York.  This can be requested through e:vision. 

Letter of Introduction

If you do not have your original unconditional offer letter or University accommodation offer letter, you can apply to the University for a Letter of Introduction to a bank. It is important that you open your bank account at the branch specified on your letter.

Apply for a Letter of Introduction using your e:Vision account and print it using any of the photcopier/printing machines around campus, including in the library. 

Bank accounts

Note: this is not a full list of banks available and we don't recommend any bank in particular. Check details of exactly what services you will get before opening your account.

Santander Basic Current Account

  • Apply online, then complete the process in the branch.
  • Usually just need your passport or national identity card and your Uni card to open an account but a letter is recommended for the High Ousegate branch. 
  • Accepts students who have visas valid for less than six months.

7, High Ousegate, York, 

 HSBC Bank Account

  • Start the application process online. 
  • Wait for the automated system to inform you to come into a branch to finish the process, and make an appointment. 
  • If in quarantine, wait for this to finish before coming into a branch.
  • Students must have their passpost, BRP visa card, and university bank letter before coming into the branch.
  • Customers will be seen individually and must wear a face covering at all times.   

13, Parliament Street, York, YO1 8XS
Tel: 03457 404404


  • Account name - Aspire account 
  • Online account
  • Easily set up before coming to the UK
  • Endorsed by UKCISA
Online Operated
Twitter: @Uni-Zest

 Yorkshire Bank Readycash Account

  • Basic bank account

Yorkshire Bank
46 Coney Street, York, YO1 9NQ
Tel: 0800 678 3380

 Lloyds TSB Classic account

  • Your visa must be valid for a minimum of two years
Lloyds TSB
2 Pavement, York, YO1 9LB
Tel: 08453 000000

Natwest Student Account Natwest
1 Market Street, York, YO1 8SR
Tel: 08457 888444

Barclays Bank

1-3 Parliament Street, York, YO1 8SE
Tel: 0345 734 5345

RBS Student Account
  • Your visa must be valid for a minimum of two years
6 Nessgate, York, YO1 9FY
Tel: 01904 642961

Oline bank accounts

For added convenience, you may want to open a bank account with an online banking service instead. Startling and Monzo are two possible options. 

Delays opening a UK bank account

In case there is a delay in opening a UK bank account, you should bring enough money (Sterling) in cash and traveller’s cheques to last one to two weeks. If possible, bring a credit and/or debit card. Do not carry or keep large amounts of cash in your accommodation.

Watch out for bank scams

You should never respond to emails, phone calls or texts asking for your bank details, even if it seems to come from your own bank. If you are unsure about a communication you have received, contact your bank directly to query it. Please see our Scammers- they’re after your money web-page for further advice and what to do if you think you have fallen victim to a scam.