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Centre for Women's Studies

Staff MemberResearch Interests

Dr Asha Abeyasekera

  • Marriage and kinship
  • Everyday practices of intimacy and care
  • The gendered impacts of global capitalism on women’s homemaking in contemporary South Asia.  
  • The gendered dimensions of urban poverty and precarity
  • The materiality and emotional dimensions of intimate relations and domestic violence
  • The creative strategies women use to survive, resist, and flourish even as they claim ethical lives. 
Dr Boriana Alexandrova
+44 (0) 1904 323029 
  • Contemporary women’s writing and performance
  • 20th to 21st century literary multilingualism and translation, including Irish and European modernism
  • Global and postcolonial studies
  • Cross-disciplinary theories of embodiment

Dr Rachel Alsop
+44 (0)1904 32 4242

  • Contemporary Feminism
  • Body Image
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Refugee and Migrant Women
  • Girls' rights
Dr Clare Bielby
Senior Lecturer
Chair Board of Studies
+44 (0)1904 323673
  • Terrorism and gender
  • Violence, representation and gender
  • Violence, subjectivity and affect/emotion
  • The field of perpetrator studies.
  • History of feminisms, particularly German feminisms
  • Queer studies and feminist queer theory
  • Subjectivity and narratives of the self
  • Gender, sexuality and representation