Accessibility statement

Raphaël Nowak



  • PhD (Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia)
  • MA (University of Sciences and Technologies, Lille, France)
  • BSc (University of Sciences and Technologies, Lille, France)

Before joining the University of York in June 2021, I held a teaching fellow position at the University of Bristol (Bristol, UK; 2015-2016), a postdoctoral fellowship at Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia; 2017-2020), and a teaching and research fellow position at Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris, France; 2020-2021).

My research is in digital, cultural, and music sociology. I am particularly interested in the issue of ‘cultural value’, which I approach by conducting research on (1) uses of music streaming services, (2) cultural tastes and practices, and (3) popular music heritage.



I am a cultural sociologist. My initial research interest was in the downloading of digital music files. I wrote an MA dissertation about young people’s practices of music downloading (University of Lille, 2006-2007), followed by a dissertation for my MA Research dissertation on practices of music consumption (University of Lille, 2007-2008). I continued on the similar research path for my PhD studies at Griffith University (2009-2012), when I interviewed 30 Generation Y individuals about their modes of music consumption. This research was later updated with another set of interviews and published in the form of a book entitled Consuming Music in the Digital Age (Palgrave, 2016).

In parallel, I have conducted research on issues regarding the materiality of digital objects and on cultural transformations as mediated by digital technologies. I co-edited with Andrew Whelan in 2014 a special of the online journal First Monday on the 15-year anniversary of Napster. We went on to co-edit a book entitled Networked Music Cultures (Palgrave, 2016), which explores critical trends in the development of digital music technologies.  

I have also collaborated on research on diverse aspects of popular music heritage. I published with Sarah Baker and Lauren Istvandity a book entitled Curating Pop (Bloomsbury, 2019), which analyses curatorial practices of popular music heritage within museums.

Lastly, I also work on issues regarding cultural taste and practices, primarily drawing on survey data. In 2021, I am working on a project that interrogates French people’s cultural practices conducted outside of their home (with Hervé Glevarec and Clément Combes).

As of mid-2021, I am finishing a manuscript on music sociology (with Andy Bennett, for Routledge) and another one on popular music heritage and cultural justice (with Sarah Baker and Zelmarie Cantillon, for Cambridge University Press).

I have published in the journals Cultural Sociology, The European Journal of Cultural Studies, The Journal of Cultural Research, The British Journal of Sociology, Cultural Trends, Popular Communication, Leisure Sciences, and The International Journal of Heritage Studies.


Selected publications

(Since 2016)


Baker, S., Istvandity, L., and Nowak, R. (2019). Curating Pop: Exhibiting Popular Music in the Museum, London: Bloomsbury.

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Book chapters

Cantillon, Z., Baker, S., & Nowak, R. (2021). Music heritage, cultural justice and the Steel City: Archiving and curating popular music history in Wollongong, Australia, in L. Maloney and J. Schofield (eds), Music and Heritage. New Perspectives on Place-making and Sonic Identity, London: Routledge, 103-13.

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Other teaching

I teach in various modules in social theory, research methods, and cultural sociology.

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Dr Raphaël Nowak
Department of Sociology LMB/231
University of York
YO10 5GD