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Sheila Pryce Brooks

Sheila joined the PhD programme in January 2020 and her research includes sleep paralysis as a spiritual phenomena and extra ordinary spiritual experiences (ESE’s) which include:

  • Near death experiences


  • Consoling visitations to those grieving


  • Astral projection


  • Lucid dreaming


  • Past lives memories


  • Dreams of deceased loved ones


  • Altered states of consciousness


  • Mystical experiences


  • Energy healing


  • Feeling a sustained loving presence


A lifelong experiencer of sleep paralysis she aims to provide research to support anyone who experiences ESE’s and promote positive dialogue and changes to the healthcare and wellness industries.  

A teacher with and an MBA in Educational Management and a teaching Certificate of Education working with adults, Sheila has worked in diverse organisations providing support within the the non-profit sector within organisations including the YMCA, Help the Aged and Centerpoint.

Contact details

Sheila Pryce Brooks
PhD Student
Department of Sociology
University of York
YO10 5GY