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Yumeng Jing



PhD Sociology - University of York (2020-present)

MA Cross-Cultural Communication and Media Studies – Newcastle University (2019)

BA Radio and television director - Xi 'an Polytechnic University (2014-2018)

During the BA process, I have been an intern reporter for a local TV station, Noticing the increasing role of social media on influencing the perception of citizens towards certain political event, compared with traditional media platforms. during the process of MA, I select Public Relations in Government and Politics as optional module and develop a basic understanding about the way politicians shape their image on varied social media platforms and its impact. After graduation, in order to investigate the way social media change the way politics work in a deep way, I joined the University of York as a PhD student. My research interested in social media politics, to be more specific, it focuses on the way social media change the interactive relationship between politicians and citizens and its influence on the perception of citizens towards democracy.


Yumeng's current work is about the way social media politics work in United States and Philippines. She tends to collect data separately on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Blog websites to explore the political discourse between politicians and citizens on varied social media platforms and the way citizen perceive democracy.

Published article: The Attitude of Chinese Students Towards Discussing Politics in Front of NonChinese

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Yumeng Jing
PhD Student
Department of Sociology
University of York
North Yorkshire
YO10 5DD