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Helpful resources and apps

At times, motivating yourself can be a challenge (whether it is to work or do exercise!). An external source of inspiration can really help, so make good use of some of these apps - they can really make your life and work easier (such as dealing with all those tabs you have open on your internet browser!). 

Find the apps listed below by searching and downloading them to your phone/mobile device via Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS). 


Scrivener: Text processor allowing access to several documents at once, stored in a single project.

Mindgenius: Software for mind maps that can be exported to MS Word or Powerpoint.


Fabulous: Helps you be more productive (and happier) in life by inciting small but long-lasting changes.
Brain Focus: Timer for scheduling work and break slots.
Focus Me and Strict Workflow: Blocks websites that you visit to procrastinate.
Forest: Stay focused: Helps you set periods of time for concentration / work. If you don’t touch your phone, you grow a tree; start using programmes on your phone and the tree dies.
Momentum: When you open a new tab, it shows you some nice scenery and a motivational quote every day.
One tab: Stores all opened tabs into one tab, decluttering your working space.


Asana Rebel, Gaia Yoga or OMstars: For yoga practices 
Nike Training Club: Creates exercise plans for staying fit.
Nike Run Club and Strava: Keeps track of the route and time of your runs.

Rest, Relaxation and Mindfulness

Headspace: Introduces you to the basics of meditation, and also features emergency sessions and focused / themed ones (e.g. for productivity).
Calm: For meditation, sleep and relaxation
Stop, Breathe & Think: A meditation app giving advice based on how you feel.