As researchers, we have a shared responsibility to the wider research community and to society as a whole to ensure the robustness and the probity of what we do. 

All those engaged with research are expected to maintain the highest standards, from initial conception and conduct of the research through to dissemination and application. They also have a duty to consider how the work they undertake, host or support impacts on the wider research community and on society as a whole.

Research Integrity Tutorial

You must complete the Research Integrity Tutorial on the VLE in your first year.

The Research Integrity Tutorial introduces you to the standards expected by the University for the conduct of research, and the associated procedures that should be followed. The tutorial is just a starting point and we encourage you to talk through implications with your supervisor, and to take advantage of the further training and support provided by the University. 

If you do not have the Research Integrity Tutorial in your VLE module list, email

Academic integrity