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Your 'contribution' can be tiny. A PhD can at times feel like a momentous task that will change the world, but actually as long as it's something new it doesn't matter how big it is.

- Rosie, Year 4

You are good enough. You are clever enough. You are enough. - Lauren, Year 3

People always ask me, "Are you still at university?", and it's really disheartening when people don't understand how important research is to my career path. I eventually learned to pay no mind to them, and surrounded myself with other research students who may not understand my topic, but who will understand my passion and goals.”

- Victoria, Year 2

Doing a PhD part time does not make me inferior to those on full time degrees. In some ways, it's a blessing. I have more years of academic support, more years for conferences, more time to take advantage of networking opportunities etc.

- Victoria, Year 2