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How to thrive and survive in your PhD

The student-led project 'How to Survive Your PhD (and enjoy it)' was initiated and project managed by Sarah Masefield, with a committee comprised of fellow University of York PhD students:

  • Ana Castro
  • Catherine Watt 
  • Christine Jackson-Taylor 
  • Eli Auslender
  • Frances Long 
  • Jamie Khoo 
  • Katie Pybus 
  • Marena Ceballos 
  • Mickey Conn 
  • Robin Brabham 
  • Petronel Geyser
The PhD labyrinth illustration was designed by Chloe Anderson.
The PhD survival guide and online resources were generously supported by the York Graduate Research School, Graduate Students' Association and Wentworth College
The project was delivered in six months (between May and October 2018) with a further workshop held in February 2019. 

Guidebook feedback

"Thank you and your colleagues very much for putting together your excellent guide to surviving the PhD. I found it full of the most useful and interesting information and intend to use every single hint that you have proposed!" 
"What a great idea. We'll certainly promote to our new students, and probably our current ones as well as I think some of the ideas raised are valid to them as well."

Workshop feedback

  • Maybe more such sessions as a follow up throughout the year
  • The discussion part of the session was very helpful. These workshops should happen more often
  • This session is very good and informative
  • Sharing thoughts with other PhD students was a very opportunity for me to find how to deal with fear of PhD life
  • Thanks for taking the time for put this together. It really helped to calm some of my PhD nerves :-)
  • Really helpful session - it was very reassuring to know that you're not the only one with worries and anxieties
  • Great idea to run this - also, just really good to talk to other people from other departments for bouncing ideas and networking
  • Great session. Thank you! The presentations from more experienced PhD students are really helpful
  • Very helpful, and good to know the support is there!
  • Really helps the students and the tips really interesting, practical and useful
  • This workshop is crucial for all PhD students! Thank you to all presenters. Being able to talk openly and honestly about your PhD experience is so important and helpful!
  • It was great to meet others who are having the exact same concerns as me!
  • Quality information, enjoyable sharing my experience with other students