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Student name

NameResearch interest 
Al-Akhzami, Khalsa Auditors’ Professional Scepticism and Moral Reasoning Impact on decision-making Khalsa Abdullah Al-Akhzami
Alshammari, Abduljameed

Financial Inclusion

Alsudays, Raghad Abdulkarim The disclosure of eco-justice in Saudi firms’ reports  
Armitstead, Ben Sociomateriality/Work-life balance/Professional Services Firms/Digital Transformation/Work-intensification
Bai, Jialu (Presley)

Hybrid entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship motivation; self-employment; transition to full-time entrepreneurship; transition intention

Baszok, Lara-Kristin

Resources and capabilities in ecosystems

Candia Jorquera, Juan Ramon

Climate change adaptation by the private sector and the impact of digital sustainability.

Cowern, William

UK Multinational Strategy: Corporate Political Activity in a Post Pandemic Market

Han, Jialing Risk management in actuarial science and finance  
Hoeft, Fabian Fabian Hoeft is particularly interested in capabilities of incumbent car manufacturers and shifts in automotive global value chains.
Xue, Hou

Open innovation and Political tie in China

Huang, Yufei

Electronic word-of-mouth on social networking sites

Inan, Sinan

Cryptocurrencies, FinTech, Monetary Policies, Macroeconomics, Stock Markets, DeFi, Digital Moneys, Central Banks

Johnson, Emma

Is ethical consumerism an oxymoron?

Kanaki, Styliani

Consumer behaviour, consumer psychology, social marketing, healthy eating, social media impact,

Kaushalya, Vasana

My thesis focuses on body labour process and how it brings together multiple aspects of body work. 

Khattab, Lina

Social marketing, pro-environmental behaviour, water conservation, moral decision making, social norms influence, ethical consumption

Lincoln, Liam

My research interests are: Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Lean Product and Process Development, Advance Manufacturing Technology, Sheet metal forming, Organisational behaviour and theory, Business strategy

Liu, Shuyi

Performance measurement and management in the NHS

Luo, Yujia

Supply chain resilience, sustainability, operation management

Manicaro, Christian

Extracting Sectoral Equity Risk Premia from CDS Spreads

Christian Manicaro
Martin, Ruari

UK Agricultural Public Policy implications for primary production

Mathew, Ruby Christine

An analysis on whether women working in universities face gender inequality and glass ceiling phenomenal in their workplace? Case study of UK universities

Ruby Christine Mathew
Meglioli, Francesco

Investment funds, systemic risk, risk management, econometrics, macroprudential supervision

Mildenhall, Jo

Occupational Trauma Psychology, Disaster and Emergency Services work, Employee mental wellbeing

Moradi, Sahand 

The connection between body image and eating behaviour while considering the role of a consumer's mood and self-esteem.

Nguyen, Amy Linh Thuy

Inward Foreign Direct Investment and Intellectual Property Strategies for Multinational Corporation

Nichol, Tim

Corporate governance, family governance, family companies, organisational conflict

Nugnes, Francesca

Impact investing, SMEs, agriculture, forestry, developing countries

Oral, Zeynep Dila

Sustainability, sustainability marketing, digital marketing, consumer behavior, reputation and brand management

Photo of Dila Oral
Peng, Sujie Sustainable supply chain management and non-governmental organisations
Peng, Xiaowen Crisis management; social media analytics; big data analytics; text mining; customer social media behaviours; social-media driven decision-making 
Perez Moraga, Victor

Unlocking, developing and leading creativity in organisations, teams and employees.

Philips, Martha

Utilising the ‘Cultural Theory of Risk’ to establish whether there is a dominant cultural bias within FinTech institutions.

Suleiman, Yacoob

Social marketing, marketing, social change, behaviour change, public policies, stakeholder marketing, value co-creation

Thongteerapharb, Wissawas 

City branding, international brand communication

Photo of Paul Wissawas 
Wang, Rui

International business, operations management

Xiang, Junyu

Stock market, oil market

Yin, Shiyuan

Sustainable supply chains in the manufacturing industry