Owen Carlstrand


Research topic: The decline of rail transported UK seasonal produce, the growth of road transport and the dominance of retail over suppliers.

Research interests: I am researching the demise of UK  seasonal transport by rail using a case study approach applied to small, fragmented but regionally important  industries such as Cornish broccoli, or Scottish soft fruit.  This will include the rise of road transport and retail power and the associated changes to logistics and retail influence resulting in almost total supply chain dominance by supermarkets and the absence of seasonality in our food. This is a little researched subject, particularly in the area of small local agricultural producers. 

SupervisorsKevin Tennent and Shane Hamilton


Owen is a retired Chartered Civil Engineer and Management Consultant who came to this research via the York Railway Studies MA.  His dissertation was entitled "How did the transfer of freight from rail to road affect the transport of Forced Rhubarb from West Yorkshire to London: 1923 to 1970?" Since retiring in 2011 he has had a number of interests including School Governor, chairing the building committee for the redevelopment of an Oxford college running a youth engagement project for the 99% organisation and helping a heritage railway with an embankment landslip rectification project.  He is currently a part time distant student in the School for Business and Society.


School for Business and Society
University of York
YO10 5DD
United Kingdom