Accessibility statement

Chak Fan Kwok (Tim)

ASocSc in Public Administration and Management (CityU, HK), BSocSc (Honours) in Social Policy (HKBU, HK), MA in Social Policy (York, UK)

PhD student 


Thesis supervisor

Dr Kelly Devenney

Dr Aniela Wenham

Thesis title

Youth policy in the post-Anti-Extradition Bill movement era in Hong Kong

Thesis summary

Hong Kong experienced a massive social movement in 2019. The focus of the conflict was an extradition law. It allows the HK government to extradite suspects/criminals to mainland China, Macao SAR and Taiwan. The protests in 2019 led to ongoing social unrest. Young people had an active role in the social movement. Their active involvement implicates the making of youth policy in Hong Kong. 

Youth policy, however, does not have a coherent provision in Hong Kong. Policies for youth are subordinated into different policy fields, including education, employment, housing and criminal justice policies. Hong Kong’s social movement in 2019 is a relevant area for research on the making of youth policy in the city. This study focuses on the development of youth policy in the post-anti-extradition bill movement era. It aims to explore policy change after the social movement in Hong Kong and explore any implications for future social policy-making in the city. 


General research interests:

  • Youth policy
  • Youth activism
  • Social movement
  • Social justice 
  • Policy-making process
  • History of social policy
  • The East Asian welfare model


  • Graduate teaching assistant of the Research Design module.
  • Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) Coordinator.


For my first degree, I graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Social Policy in 2018. Since then, I started my journey of social policy learning. The undergraduate study at HKBU developed my interests in social policy, social justice, policy-making process, politics, history of social policy and welfare provisions for the disadvantaged people. 

After my first degree, I was offered by the University of York to study a Master of Arts in Social Policy in 2018-19. It further enhanced my understanding of social policy. The training I received at York strengthened my insight into social policy in UK’s and European contexts. My MA dissertation was about social capital accumulation and Christianity in England.

I went back to Hong Kong for employment after my MA. I first worked as a Research Assistant in the Department of Social and Behaviour Sciences of the City University of Hong Kong, responsible for a research project investigating disabled young people’s school to work transition. This project was funded by the Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission. This job developed my interest in youth studies, especially for disadvantaged young people. After this research post, I worked as an Assistant Centre Supervisor in a Community Centre of the Salvation Army Hong Kong and Macau Command. This job was a frontline youth service job. I accumulated rich experience in serving young people in the community and helping people who are in need. 

My previous education and work experiences directed me to do a PhD research. I want to study further in youth policy for Hong Kong. In 2019, Hong Kong experienced a massive Anti-Extradition Bill movement. It is a suitable area for further research. I am particularly interested in its implications for youth policy. So, I started my PhD in the School for Business and Society in September 2021. 

Contact details

Chak Fan Kwok (Tim)
PhD student
School for Business and Society