Katie Noble

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Research topicLab-Grown/Cultivated Meat, Climate Change Mitigation, Food Systems Sustainability

Research interests:  My research examines the environmental impacts of cultivated meat production and assesses these against the impacts of conventional meat production methods in various geographical locations. These impacts include water use, energy use, waste production, GHG emissions and land degradation. I am also researching the societal and cultural impacts cultivated meat may have when introduced to global food systems.

SupervisorsDr Luisa Huatuco, Dr Alison Dyke and Dr Jonathan Green


I have a Master of Arts (Joint Honours) in Anthropology and Archaeology from the University of Aberdeen where I first developed an interest in the evolution of subsistence methods throughout prehistory until present day.

I also have a Master of Science in Environment, Culture and Society from the University of Edinburgh where I focused my research on the environmental impacts of food systems, specifically animal agriculture, and produced a thesis analysing the political ecology of cultivated meat.

While undertaking my MSc, I had an internship as a researcher with Compassion in World Farming, an international farm animal welfare charity, where I was involved in research tasks to promote higher welfare standards for agricultural animals.

I am now undertaking my PhD, funded by the Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity, where I am furthering my MSc research into cultivated meat through analysing the environmental and social impacts of its introduction to global food systems.

While undertaking my PhD research I am also a self-employed environmental consultant providing research services for carbon trading companies.


School for Business and Society
University of York
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