Ola Gwozdz

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Research Topic: Concepts of masculine and feminine, perceptions and imbalances in today's leadership model, and their impact on innovation, diversity and sustainability

Research Interests: The proposed research is an exploration of the leadership in the built environment, with the aim to re-write the leadership model that allows for a thriving diversity, innovation and sustainability. While focusing on male and female leaders, the aim is to bridge the cultural and societal norms of the masculine and feminine beyond the gender paradigm. The overriding purpose is to move away from the binary view of gender diversity towards the more integrated and holistic vision.

Supervisors: Stephen Linstead and Federica Angeli 


Ola is a data philosopher, innovator and change management specialist with over a decade of experience in technology adoption in major construction projects (Olympics, CrossRail, Tideway). She is a Co-founder and a Director of the all-female media company Brief Chief Designs and a co-founder of a non-profit Blueprint, which works to build and redesign spaces to help and inspire those in need. Ola has MSc in Innovation, Leadership and Management at the University of York and most recently, Ola has been awarded the Excellence in Research Award from the University of York. Ola has also graduated from Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford and the Los Angeles Music Academy where she studied jazz vocals. Ola is a singer, songwriter and a producer and has performed across the world both in groups and as a solo artist.



School for Business and Society
University of York
YO10 5DD
United Kingdom