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Professor Stephen Andrew Linstead
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My background includes undergraduate and Masters degrees in English Literature from the universities of Keele and Leeds, and a further Masters in Organization Development and PhD from what is now Sheffield Hallam University. More recently I was awarded a D.Litt from Durham University. I have held Chairs in Wollongong (NSW), Sunderland, Essex and Durham before moving to York. I also spent 2 years as a Visting Scholar at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.



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My research tends to fall into five main areas; organization theory and philosophy; aesthetic approaches to organization; language based approaches to organization; gender and sexuality in organizations; qualitative methods, ethnography and culture. I have current active interests in all of these areas, and developing interests in aspects of globalization and postcolonialism; the ontology and practice of play especially in orgnaizational and social intervention; and the use of music and song as a form of ethnographic representation.


Selected publications

2015   Linstead, S. A. and Maréchal, G. “Re-reading Masculine Organization: Phallic, Testicular and Seminal Metaphors”. Human Relations. ISSN: 0018 7267. [ABS 4*]. In press.

2014   Linstead, S. A., Marechal, G. and Griffin, R. “Theorizing and Researching the Dark Side of Organization”  in Linstead, S. A., Maréchal, G. and Griffin, R. The Dark Side of Organization Special Issue of Organization Studies. 35, 2:165-88. doi:10.1177/01708 40613515402. ISSN: 0170 8406. [ABS 4*]. 7th most read article (11/14).

2013   Linstead, S. A. “Organizational Bystanding: Whistleblowing, Watching the Work Go By or Aiding and Abetting?” M@n@gement 15th Anniversary Special Issue 16, 5: 680-96. doi: 10.3917/mana.165.0680 ISSN: 1286-4692.

2007   Linstead, S. A. and Thanem, T. “Multiplicity, Virtuality and Organization: The Contribution of Gilles Deleuze” Organization Studies 28, 10: 1483-1501. doi:10.1177/0170840607075675. ISSN: 0170 8406. [ABS 4*].

2006   Linstead, S. A. and Pullen A. “Gender and Multiplicity: Desire, Displacement, Difference and Dispersion” Human Relations. 59, 9: 1287-1310. doi:10.1177/0018726706069772 ISSN: 0018 7267. [ABS 4*].

2004   Banerjee, S. B. and Linstead, S. A. “Masking Subversion: Neo-colonial Embeddedness in Anthropological Accounts of Indigenous Management” Human Relations. 57, 2: 221-247. doi:10.1177/0018726704042928. ISSN: 0018 7267. [ABS 4*].          

2004   Linstead, S. A. ed. Organization Theory And Postmodern Thought London: Sage. ISBN: 0761953116 188pp

2002   Linstead, S. A. “Organizational Kitsch” Organization 9, 4: 657- 684. doi:10.1177/135050840294008.  ISSN: 1350-5084 [ABS 3*].
Republished in Julie Wolfram Cox and Kate Stella Minahan eds. (2007) The Aesthetic Turn in Management as part of the International Library of Essays in Business and Management Aldershot: Ashgate.

2001   Banerjee, S. and Linstead S. A. “Globalization, Multiculturalism and other Fictions:  The New Colonization for the New Millennium” Organization 8, 4: 711-750. doi:10.1177/135050840184006. ISSN: 1350-5084. [ABS 3*]. 13th most read article.

2000   Linstead S. A. “Gender Blindness or Gender Suppression?  A Comment on Fiona Wilson’s Research Note” Organisation Studies 21, 1:1-7 [online: 297-303]. doi:10.1177/0170840600211007. ISSN: 0170 8406. [ABS 4*].
Republished in John C. Wood and Michael C. Wood eds. (2005) George Elton Mayo: Critical Evaluations in Business and Management London: Routledge.

2001   Westwood, R. I. and Linstead, S. A. The Language of Organization London: Sage ISBN: 07619-53345 370pp

2000   Linstead, S. A. and Höpfl, H. J. eds. The Aesthetics of Organisation London: Sage. ISBN: 0761953221, 275pp.

2000   Brewis, J. and Linstead S. A. Sex, Work and Sex Work. London: Routledge. ISBN:0415207568,  368pp. [Featured in the Daily Express (2000) and Time Magazine (2014)]

1997   Linstead, S. A. "Abjection and Organisation: Men, Violence and Management" Human Relations 50, 10: 1115-1145 (Awarded ANBAR highest quality rating). doi:10.1177/001872679705000904. ISSN: 0018 7267. [ABS 4*]
Translated and republished as Linstead, S. A. (2007) "Abyección y organización: hombres, violencia y dirección de empresas", pp.161-203 in Fernández Rodríguez, Carlos J. Vigilar y Organizar: una introducción a los Critical Management Studies. Madrid, Spain: Siglo XXI. ISBN: 978-84-323-1288-5. 393 pp.

1993   Linstead, S. A.  "From Postmodern Anthropology to Deconstructive Ethnography" Human Relations 46, 1: 97 – 120. doi:10.1177/001872679304600107. ISSN: 0018 7267. [ABS 4*]
Republished in Philip Johnson and Murray Clark, eds (2006) Business Research Methodologies London: Sage.

1992   Linstead, S. A. and R. Grafton Small "On Reading Organizational Culture" Organization Studies 13, 3: 331 – 355. doi:10.1177/017084069201300302. ISSN: 0170 8406. [ABS 4*]
Republished in Stewart R. Clegg, ed (2002) Central Currents in Organization Theory London: Sage. ISBN: 978-0761947264
Republished in Ybema, S. Yanow, D. and Sabelis, I. (2011) Organizational Culture (International Library of Critical Writings on Business and Management) London: Edward Elgar ISBN: 978-1849800471

1985   Linstead, S. A. "Jokers Wild:  The Importance of Humour in the Maintenance of Organizational Culture", Sociological Review, 33, 4, November, pp 741 767, doi: 10.1111/j.1467-954X.1985.tb02443.x ISSN: 0038 0261. [ABS 3*]
Republished in Stewart R. Clegg, ed (2002) Central Currents in Organization Theory London: Sage.

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