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Christopher Gibson

Research project

Supervisor: Dr Jon Finch

My research project seeks to explore the use of the Perpendicular style in East Yorkshire's parish churches in a manner that seeks to analyse the links between patronage, tradition and memory. While many studies of the Perpendicular style have laid emphasis upon its aesthetic qualities, this study is a contextual archaeology that considers the elements of the Perpendicular style that survive in the East Riding as the outcome of social interaction in a ritual sphere.


I've been interested in archaeology as long as I can remember and feel very very fortunate in the experiences it has brought to me and the people that I've met. I began excavating as a volunteer with Tyne and Wear Museums, after which I undertook a BA in Archaeology and History at Durham University. Whilst at Durham I developed a particular interest in historical archaeology and the role of theory within medieval archaeology. I then completed my MA at UCL where my dissertation explored the use and meaning of military symbolism in a number of late medieval parish churches.

I have worked for English Heritage on a number of projects and also within the commercial sector. I am also a qualified teacher and A level examiner.
Chris Gibson

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