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Good neighbours

Responsibility to the community

Many of our students live off-campus in the local community. While the majority are well behaved and considerate, there may be occasional problems. Noise, bins, recycling and parking can all be sources of annoyance and upset.

If you have issues with students living near you, we encourage you to speak directly to the students in question.

If problems continue or escalate, there are a number of options available. You can:

  • Contact the City of York Council Neighbourhood Enforcement team to complain about noise
  • Contact the local police by telephoning 101
  • Contact the City of York Council Noise Patrol
    9pm to 3am Fridays and Saturdays
    • +44 (0)1904 551555
  • Outside office hours, you may also contact the University of York Security Centre
    • +44 (0)1904 324444

If your issue is still unresolved and you wish to lodge a formal complaint against the student with the University, please email or call the Academic Registrar's office on +44 (0)1904 322135.

The University treats all complaints seriously. Once we ascertain that the individual is one of our students, we will send them a letter outlining the complaint and requesting they behave more appropriately.

If we receive another complaint, we may send a second letter and invite the student to a compulsory meeting with a College Manager.

A third complaint may result in a meeting between the student and the Academic Registrar as a disciplinary matter under Regulation 7.

Open campus

We invite you to visit the campus and enjoy the wildlife and artwork, as well as attend our selection of open access learning opportunities, lectures and performances.

The campus also houses a variety of facilities and services which can be accessed by the general public, such as the Sports Centre, Conference Office and Market Square, making it a hub for a wide array of activities and events.

Sustainable development

The University has a commitment to sustainable development, and aims to make sure that our long-term growth and development benefits the environment, our community and our financial health.

As a large enterprise, we are well-placed to make a significant contribution. Our commitment is explained in our Policy on Sustainable Development. This shows how we hope to balance environmental protection and enhancement, with social responsibility and financial viability.