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Our Sustainability Plan

We recognise that sustainability is one of the main challenges facing us, particularly in relation to climate change, for at least the next ten years. 

Sustainability is one of our core strategic principles and to support this we are developing a new Sustainability Plan alongside the University Strategy. 

Our new plan will target areas where the University can deliver the biggest positive impacts, setting ambitious goals across the institution, while building on the excellence we already have in the area of sustainability.  

A large range of University stakeholders have been included in initial plan development groups and consultations, these include staff, students, research staff, and senior management, and representative organisations such as YUSU, GSA and UCU. As this evolves and we are in a position to engage more widely with interested parties, we will hold various engagement sessions and open communication channels, to allow for effective and productive consultation. 

In 2020 we have continued to work hard to meet our sustainability aims, through some of the most difficult circumstances many of us have found ourselves in. Our ongoing activities can be found on the What We Are Doing and What You Can Do sections of the website. 

Though the plan was planned for publication in 2020, the year has not been a normal operational year for us by any means. With that in mind we are pleased to note that development is once more progressing with purpose and we hope to have a succinct framework inline with the University Strategy in 2021. 

Targeted Sustainable Development Goals

The University of York is in a strong position to enhance sustainability across its teaching and learning, research and campus activities.

To ensure we coordinate our actions to support the global sustainability agenda, our new plan will be framed around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are categorised into 17 areas of sustainability. During the development of our plan, we will prioritise the SDGs where we can make the most significant impact and use these to focus our actions.

Current policies and strategies