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Our Sustainability Plan

Our Sustainability Plan sets out how we as an institution intend to tackle the current and future challenges we face in order to become sustainable, including how we can play a part in creating a sustainable world. 

The plan aims to embed sustainability into our core functions of teaching and research, while setting ambitious goals for net zero carbon emissions, partnerships, reduced consumption and improved health and wellbeing. 

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We’re committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030, but to do so our sustainability vision needs to be ambitious. 

As a University founded on a commitment to public good, sustainability is and will continue to be embedded in our responsibilities and values.

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2021 saw the launch of our new and ambitious sustainability plan to continue working towards a sustainable future. 

Guided by Sustainable Development Goals

To ensure we coordinate our actions to support the global sustainability agenda, our plan is framed around the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

We have chosen to prioritise the SDGs where we can make the most significant impact and use these to focus our actions, while continuing work against the remaining SDGs where applicable.

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Quality Education

We will ensure all our are equipped to become leaders of change who are able to take action on the most pressing global issues including sustainability and climate change.


Undertake teaching activities in the most sustainable manner.


Empower students to make a positive sustainable impact.


Equip students with practical knowledge of sustainability actions.

Sustainable Research

We will be a global leader in sustainability research and sustainable development, developing interdisciplinary understanding and solutions to key local, regional and global sustainability challenges.

A research strategy

We will develop and implement a Strategy for Sustainability Research.

A code of practice

We will develop a Code of Practice for Sustainability Research at the University.

Climate Action

We shall manage our estate operations, teaching and research activities so their carbon emissions have a minimum contribution to climate change, and enable us to cope with future impacts.

Carbon neutrality

Minimise the impact our operations have on climate change by becoming carbon neutral in all our activities.

Adaptable foundations

Create a campus estate and governance that is lean and agile to effectively adapt to climate change.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

We will focus our research, teaching, resources, knowledge and networks to help create a sustainable future that addresses societal needs and empowers civic engagement.

Creating frameworks

Create a framework for achieving city and community solutions to the climate crisis.

Facilitating solutions

Facilitate sustainable solutions to civic, business and community-led challenges.

A place-making approach

Develop a place-making approach to space usage and operation

Responsible Production and Consumption

We will utilise our size and influence to drive the sustainability agenda forward; undertaking positive impact investments, engaging and challenging suppliers, and reducing our environmental impacts.

Positive investments

Ensure that our University investments generate a positive sustainability impact.

Proactive monitoring

Of all key suppliers, working with them to improve their sustainability.

Considerate consumption

Minimising the amount we consume while reducing the impact of our waste creation.

Health and Wellbeing

Our staff and students will benefit from a healthy mind and body; through interacting with our wellbeing programmes, natural grounds initiatives, and buildings designed for the health and wellbeing of occupants.

Happy students

Promote and encourage positive student health and wellbeing.

Happy staff

Offer new, accessible approaches to health and wellbeing for staff in the workplace.

Happy campus

Create a campus that supports health and wellbeing of its users via nature and outdoor activity.