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York Streetwise

The York Streetwise project is led by the University of York and brings community partners together, including First York and Student Roost who are co-funding. York St. John, Yorkshire Police and leadership from the City Council are also actively engaged.

The scheme consists of mixed gender pairs working in residential areas of the city on Sunday and Wednesday nights, offering to support for all, between 10pm and 4am. They help people get home safely, signpost to support services and promote positive community relationships by encouraging responsible behaviour when moving through residential areas at night.

About Streetwise

The Streetwise teams are carefully selected staff from YUSU who all have relevant experience working with people through marshalling, working with students at events and some have previous experience working as Police Community Support Officers.

The team are clearly identifiable in the branded, yellow high-visibility vests with "York Streetwise" on the front and back.

What the team will do:

  • Walk around key pedestrian routes in pairs, 10pm to 4am, from public transport points outside of campus in the community, helping to keep the noise down by maintaining a visible presence
  • Signpost to emergency services if need be
  • Offer directions, support and advice to anybody who they come in contact with at night
  • Work with the University and its partners, including the police

The Streetwise team will be on hand to support those transitioning through designated areas of the city at night and have been selected for their professionalism, honest, communication skills and approachability.

If you have any concerns while moving through one of the circulation areas, please approach the Streetwise teams who will be happy to assist both student and non-student residents.

How to reach us

If you live in one of the areas patrolled by the Streetwise team, and experience a noise issue on a street on a Sunday or Wednesday night, please contact University of York Security Services on 01904 32 4444. The Security team will be able to reach Streetwise directly.

Meet the team

Becky Kat Phil Phil

Becky, Kat, Phil & Phil

Circulation areas and timings

The Streetwise team will operate around the University of York.

Every Wednesday and Sunday night, between 10pm and 4am, they will be working in:

  • Heslington Village
  • Badger Hill
  • Newland Park Drive/Thief Lane

If you have any concerns while moving through one of these areas, please approach the Streetwise teams who will be happy to assist both student and non-student residents.

The Streetwise team will walk around the circulation areas offering a friendly ear to student and non-student residents, giving safety advice, support getting home, or simply a friendly hello as residents travel around at night.


The Streetwise project will be overseen by an Advisory Group with representatives from the following organisations:

  • University of York
  • University of York Students' Unions
  • York City Council
  • North Yorkshire Police

The advisory group will meet monthly at the beginning of the scheme, and quarterly after this, to ensure that the project is retaining a positive impact on those who come into contact with it.

Contact us

We appreciate any and all feedback and suggestions about the Streetwise scheme or individual team members.

If you would like to give us feedback, please get in touch at