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Setting you up with skills

Posted on 15 November 2020

As you progress through your studies, you’ll need to develop a new set of academic, digital, and information skills. Central services like the Library, IT Services and the new Academic Skills Community are here to help.

The Skills Guides pages give you access to a range of resources to help you develop academic, digital and information skills - for example, planning your essay, creating forms and surveys, using Google apps for collaborative work, academic writing, managing your references, and producing academic posters. There are videos, interactive tutorials, workbooks and links to other sources of help:

IT Services provide a range of guidance, tailored to the needs of our students. Find out more:

The Maths Skills Centre and the Writing Centre are free, and available to all students. They offer sessions to give you the opportunity to focus on developing specific skills:

The Academic Skills Community (ASC) is designed to help you advance your academic, language and interpersonal abilities. The ASC offers online resources, workshops, community groups and one-to-one appointments: