Sources of funding for undergraduates

Have you explored all sources of funding available to you?

UK undergraduate students

Maintenance Loan

Most students should be able to apply for a maintenance loan which helps to go towards your living costs. The loan won’t cover all of your living costs and is means-tested against household income. You can get an idea of how much you can borrow from the Government Student Finance Calculator. See our information on Government loans and funding.

Parental support

The Government assumes students will get some kind of financial contribution from their parents, though we know this may not always be possible for every student. You can find out what the Government recommends as a financial contribution from parents should be by using the University Parental Contribution  Calculator (


If you have savings and are struggling financially, you’ll need to use your savings to help support yourself. You may not want to dip into these savings but you may be able to tweak your budget to allow for some savings still to be made.

Interest free overdraft with a student bank account

Accessing an interest free overdraft is considered an acceptable form of income. The student account overdraft works differently, meaning you don’t incur any charges and are allowed between 1-2 years after you graduate to pay this back. Read more about what to consider when accessing an overdraft through our Blackbullion financial learning platform.

Part-time work

Many students supplement their income through part-time work. Students may work less during semester time and then increase their hours over the holiday periods. If you're not sure what jobs might be available then a good place to start is our Careers and Placements platform, Handshake.

Bursaries and scholarships

If you have been assessed by Student Finance through a means tested assessment and your household income is below £35,000 you will be eligible to receive our York Bursary. See information about other bursaries and scholarships you could apply for.

Benefits and tax credits

Unfortunately, full-time students are restricted from claiming most benefits. However, some students may still be entitled if you fall into certain categories See our information on benefits and tax credits.

International students

Part-time work

Students on a Student visa are able to work a maximum of 20 hours per week during semester time. Find out more about working during your studies. If you're not sure what jobs might be available then a good place to start is our Careers and Placements platform, Handshake.

Scholarships and grants

See our information on undergraduate funding for international students.