Industry Academia Partnership Programme (IAPP)

Magnetization Reversal of Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) Process 

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Royal Academy of Engineering

Royal Academy of Engineering | Office of the Higher Education Commission

New Thailand Link Programme on Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording

The C-Mag group, in collaboration with Dr J Chureemart and Dr P Chureemart of Mahasarakham University, Thailand (MSU) have been awarded a new Industry-Academia Partnership Programme (IAPP) for £130,000 to work with Seagate Technology on Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR).

The funding is provided by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Office of Higher Education Commission (OHEC). The programme runs from 2018-2020 and provides funds for student exchanges between York and MSU. We will also organise two further Winter Schools for graduate students in Thailand, following the highly successful School held in Bangkok in February 2018, under the first IAPP programme awarded to the consortium.

This project will support the collaboration of MSU and the University of York and bring closer the development of a useful model of HAMR for system design. A further impact is to expand research and development based in Thailand and to train Thai students at the PhD level, which are an important human resource for Thai industry.