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York Centre for Quantum Technologies

Applying fundamental quantum science and engineering to new technologies and services.

The York Centre for Quantum Technologies (YCQT) is an interdisciplinary research and development centre which sits at the heart of the University’s established track record of excellence in quantum science, engineering and mathematics.

Our work aims to build on the University’s research advances to develop new quantum technologies and services.

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Quantum technologies have new capabilities which enable them to outperform their conventional information technology counterparts. YCQT researchers work across this IT spectrum on developments that benefit future research, business and wider society.

Professor Tim Spiller, YCQT Co-Director

The YCQT captures the cross-disciplinary and applied nature of quantum technologies. Experts with different backgrounds, from physics to mathematics, from computer science to engineering, join forces to undertake research and teaching on all aspects of quantum and create a positive impact on society.

Professor Marco Lucamarini, YCQT Co-Director

Research and innovation focus areas

YCQT researchers continue to advance fundamental quantum science and apply this to a spectrum of technology themes.