The York Centre for Quantum Technologies (YCQT) is committed to training young researchers in its multidisciplinary environment. 

We often have opportunities for research students, associates and technicians to support new projects.

In the past 12 months we have recruited:

  • A research associate to support research related to Twin-Field Quantum Key Distribution (TF-QKD), as part of a project funded by the Quantum Communications Hub
  • A lecturer in Experimental Quantum Communications
  • A technical specialist supporting projects around the trialling of 5G systems and the development of a quantum communications payload, for use with aerial platforms
  • A research associate to develop activities on free-space quantum communications systems

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Quantum communications are revolutionising the way we transmit information and connect remote parties. Leveraging on the quantum properties of photons and on the tools developed for optical communications, it is now possible to create a quantum network that distributes confidential information to distant users with the highest level of security and creates strong quantum correlations – or entanglement - at its nodes, thus shaping the future quantum internet.

This emerging technology is at the base of the so-called ‘second quantum revolution’, which aims to exploit quantum mechanics to develop new products and services for the society. It is at the same time capable of engaging industry and attracting substantial funding from governments worldwide. The U.K., in particular, is playing a leading role in the second quantum revolution and has invested on quantum technologies since 2013 through the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.

Quantum communications can be established at any scale, from a few metres, as in a quantum ATM machine, to hundreds of kilometres in an optical fibre network, or even thousands of kilometres in a satellite link. Each range presents its specific challenges and requires ad-hoc solutions. Coherently connecting quantum communications at different scales is also an elusive target for which there is not, to date, an effective solution.

You will work to solve the specific challenges of each quantum communications segment and to make the solutions available at different scales. The key enabling technology will be a quantum repeater, which can replicate a quantum signal from one station to the next without altering its quantum content.

This research will be carried out both in the so-called ‘discrete-variable’ (DV) Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) framework and in the ‘continuous-variable’ (CV) QKD one. CV-QKD is a major expertise in the University of York and is supported both experimentally and theoretically by world-renowned scientists. The successful applicant will work on state-of-the-art CV-QKD systems and on the related enabling technologies.

We are seeking PhD candidates with suitable undergraduate training in physics, engineering or related subjects who are keen to research in quantum optics and its applications to communications.

The applicants should be willing to spend most of their time in the lab. However an inclination for theory or simulations will be positively considered during the interview. This position will be based primarily at the University of York

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