Purpose built tracking arena for swarm robotics research

Large arena volume for research into unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and ground based robots

Research in fault-tolerant reconfigurable robotics swarms and modular robotic systems

Highly integrated electronics, mechanical hardware and software design

Driven by expertise from the Computer Science and the Electronic Engineering Departments

York Robotics Laboratory (YRL)


The York Robotics Laboratory is a purpose-built research facility located on Baird Lane, close to the TFTI building on Campus East, a short walk from the Department of Computer Science and the Ron Cooke Hub.  It was established in 2012 and is run as a joint venture between the Departments of Computer Science and Department of Electronic Engineering, although the space is available to robotics related research from across the whole university. 

The lab contains a large 80 square meter arena space, with high ceilings allow research into unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs, AKA 'drones') and provides state of the art facilities for robotics design, construction, research and teaching.  The lab is equipped with multiple tracking systems and controllable lighting systems, allowing for the repeatability and accurate analysis of experiment results.  The lab is supported by a full-time technician, Dr James Hilder, who is co-employed by the departments of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering.  The buildings official name is TFTB, as highlighted on this campus map.



General enquiries

For general information about robotics research at York, please visit the new YorRobots web page.

For enquiries about school visits, outreach and similar, please see the relevant pages on the Department of Computer Science and Department of Electronic Engineering.

For enquires related to the laboratory please use the following contact details:

York Robotics Laboratory
Tel: 01904 32 5117