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The Assuring Autonomy International Programme is a £12 million initiative funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the University of York to spearhead research, training and standards in the safety of robotics and autonomous systems (RAS). Our vision is to further enable the widespread and beneficial uptake of RAS by overcoming the obstacles to achieving regulatory and public acceptance.

Our work includes the development of standards and guidance for assurance of robotic and autonomous systems, assessment methods and open toolsets as well as the production of internationally accessible educational and training resources.

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Assuring Autonomy International Programme
+44 (0) 1904 325345
Department of Computer Science
Deramore Lane
University of York
YO10 5GH

We work with industry, regulators and research teams around the world to address urgent challenges in assuring the safety of robotics and autonomy.

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Explore our research on Risk, evidence and decision making.

Lloyd's Register Foundation

In partnership with Lloyd’s Register Foundation. Lloyd’s Register Foundation helps to protect life and property by supporting engineering-related education, public engagement and the application of research.

"The next generation of robotics and autonomous systems holds significant promise and opportunity for commerce and society as a whole. But it is essential for all of us that the systems are dependable and safe. Based on 30 years of pioneering research and training in this sector, the University of York is leading this new chapter in complex systems assurance."

- Professor John McDermid OBE, FREng, Programme Director

Programme activities

Programme challenges

Undertaking technical activities and influencing industrial practice through collaboration with ongoing and new RAS projects.

Education and professional training

Developing education and training resources relevant to assurance and regulation of RAS.


Developing a body of knowledge of state of the art research and practice in the field of RAS safety.

"Robotics and autonomous systems are going to make a big impact on the sectors we serve as a charity and key to uptake and application is going to be their assurance of safety and regulation. That is why establishing this programme with York is so important towards our purpose of working together for a safer world."

- Professor Richard Clegg FREng, Chief Executive, Lloyd’s Register Foundation