Training and education

The development, assurance, use and maintenance of robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) requires new skills from the professionals working in these fields. Those in different roles require different skills.

Our expert team deliver a training and education programme to enable industry, regulators, policy-makers and others to develop the expertise necessary to ensure that RAS are brought safely to market and into use.

We currently have two key strands to our offer:

Academic education

In September 2020 we launched the development of Advanced Topics in Safety – our new 10-credit module for the University of York’s MSc in Safety-Critical Systems Engineering.

This module is our first formal academic education opportunity in the safety of autonomous systems. It represents an opportunity for students to broaden their system engineering knowledge with an insight into the challenges to safety processes and product safety and initial approaches to addressing the challenges of autonomous systems. 

Industrial education - bespoke training for industry partners

In partnership with NHS Digital, last year we launched a new training programme for those working in health IT and clinical risk management. The course gives an understanding of the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in healthcare.

It covers:

  • introduction to AI and ML
  • the challenges of AI and ML in health and social care
  • assurance of ML
  • safety requirements and data management for ML
  • training and verification of ML
  • safety cases for ML in a clinical setting

"Clinical practice and the efficiency of healthcare provision will benefit from the introduction of AI and autonomy, but patient safety must still be our priority. Understanding these technologies and how they could change the clinical setting is important for everyone within our organisation. The training workshop provided by the AAIP was delivered perfectly for our audience of clinicians and other NHS staff and the feedback has been very positive.” Sean White, Senior Safety Engineer, NHS Digital

We also have a number of upcoming webinars planned for industry partners who wish to understand how to use our Assurance of Machine Learning for use in Autonomous Systems (AMLAS) methodology in their own domain and organisation.


We are able to develop bespoke training packages for industry, academic and regulatory organisations who wish to gain an understanding of AI, ML and safety assurance. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

You can also find out more about upcoming events, seminars and workshops on our events page.