Pi-puck extension board

We have developed a set of modular expansions for the e-puck robot that allow it to interface with a Raspberry Pi Zero single board computer, which improves the processing power, memory capacity, expandability and networking capabilities of the robot at a low cost.  An updated version of the hardware with full compatability with the new e-puck 2 robot (as well as the original e-puck) will be announced soon.

The open-source hardware design and supporting software infrastructure of the earlier version (2.1) are available on this page.


A pre-print copy of our IROS 2017 paper, discussing version 2.1 of the hardware, can be downloaded here:

A. G. Millard, R. Joyce, J. A. Hilder, C. Fleseriu, L. Newbrook, W. Li, L. J. McDaid, and D. M. Halliday. The Pi-puck extension board: a Raspberry Pi interface for the e-puck robot platform (PDF , 2,289kb). IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2017).

Version 2.1

The new version of the Pi-puck extension board is currently in development. The Autodesk Eagle design files are available below.  We are currently working on a slightly revised design, please contact us for more information.

 Pi-puck extension board

Hardware design

pi-puck-v21-eagle (zip  , 554kb)

Version 1.0

Photographs of Raspberry Pi interface board and camera mounts

H‌ardware design

Hardware design files (zip  , 107kb)

Software infrastructure

The supporting software infrastructure for the interface board can be downloaded from our GitHub account.

Camera mounts

Design files for camera mounts (zip  , 82kb)