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The University of York's Centre for Energy Efficient Materials (CEEM) is a world-class research institute for advanced materials synthesis, characterisation and predictive modelling.

Working with global leaders in electronics, energy generation and energy conversion technologies, we are developing innovative, nanoscale materials to drive sustainable economic growth.

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Centre for Energy Efficient Materials
+44 (0)1904 322251
School of Physics, Engineering and Technology, University of York, Heslington, York, YO10 5DD

"Our complementary expertise in advanced materials synthesis, characterisation and predictive modelling together with state-of-the-art facilities is providing industry with unique insights into the optimisation and development of energy efficient materials for diverse applications in technology."

- Dr Keith McKenna, Director of the Centre for Energy Efficient Materials

Research strengths

CEEM’s research strengths combine powerful predictive modelling with state of the art microscopy to help industry grow nanostructured energy efficient materials.


CEEM’s innovative, atomic engineering based on world leading first principles modelling is leading the way in developing advanced materials for the semiconductor industry.

Solar energy

CEEM’s fundamental research into the management and manipulation of light using novel gratings to improve panel performance is changing the face of the solar energy market.

Energy conversion

CEEM’s research is atomically engineering smart technologies that will help convert clean electrical energy into mechanical energy much more efficiently.


CEEM’s fundamental research into carbon capture and utilisation could be a game changer in the fight against climate change and the quest for cleaner energy.

Case studies

CEEM's collaborative research partners range from small, dynamic start-ups through to global technology leaders.

Read our case studies of recent projects