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Highly Efficient Air-Mode Silicon Metasurfaces for Visible Light Operation Embedded in a Protective Silica Layer

Q. Sun, H. Liang, J. Zhang, W. Feng, E.R. Martins, T.F. Krauss, J. Li, Advanced Optical Materials, 2002209

Dielectric nanohole array metasurface for high-resolution near-field sensing and imaging 

D. Conteduca, I. Barth, G. Pitruzzello, C.P. Reardo, E.R. Martins, T.F. Krauss, Nature Communications, 12.1, 1-9


Attachment and antibiotic response of early-stage biofilms studied using hyperspectral resonant imaging

Y. Wang, C.P. Reardon, N. Read, S. Thorpe, A. Evans, N. Todd, M. Van Der Woude, T.F. Krauss, npj Biofilms and Microbiomes 6.1, 1

Extended Kalman filtering projection method to reduce the 3σ noise value of optical biosensors

K. Li, R. Gupta, A. Drayton, I. Barth, D. Conteduca, C.P. Reardon, K. Dholakia,  T.F. Krauss, ACS Sensors

Performance limitations of resonant refractive index sensors with low-cost components

A. Drayton, K. Li, M. Simmons, C. Reardon, T.F. Krauss, Optics Express, 28(22), 32239

Light trapping in solar cells: simple design rules to maximize absorption:

K. Li, S. Haque, A. Martins, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, M.J. Mendes, C.S. Schuster, Optica 7(10), 1377

Nanophotonics for bacterial detection and antimicrobial susceptibility test

G. Pitruzzello, D. Conteduca, T.F. Krauss, Nanophotonics

On metalenses with arbitrarily wide field of view 

A. Martins, K. Li, J. Li, H. Liang, D. Conteduca, B-H. V. Borges, T.F. Krauss, E.R. Martins, ACS Photonics 7(8), 2073

Versatile photonic bandgap materials for water desalination

H. Sayed, T.F. Krauss, A.H. Aly, Optik, 165160

Metal-insulator-metal nanoresonators - strongly confined modes for high surface sensitivity

G. Duffett, R. Wirth, M. Rayer, E. R. Martins, T.F. Krauss, Nanophotonics

Common-path interferometric label-free protein sensing with resonant dielectric nanostructures

I. Barth, D. Conteduca, C. Reardon, S. Johnson, T.F. Krauss, Light: Science & Applications, 9:96

Guided mode resonance sensor for the parallel detection of multiple protein biomarkers in human urine with high sensitivity

A. Kenaan, K. Li, I. Barth, S. Johnson, J. Song, T.F. Krauss, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 112047


High-performance metalenses: numerical aperture, aberrations, chromaticity and trade-offs
H. Liang, A. Martins, B. V. Borges, J. Zhou, E.R. Martins, J. Li, T.F. Krauss, Optica, 6(12), 1461 

Dilute nitride resonant-cavity light emitting diode
F. Sarcan, Y. Wang, T.F. Krauss, T. Erucar, A. Erol, Optics & Laser Technology, 122, 105888 

Reducing the Surface Area of Black Silicon by Optically Equivalent Structures
G.S. Arruda, J. Li, A. Martins, K. Li, T.F. Krauss, E.R. Martins, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics

Ultra-thin transmissive crystalline silicon high-contrast grating metasurfaces
H. Li, D.P. Stellinga, Y. Qiu, Q. Sun, B. Chen, H. Liang, T.F. Krauss, J. Li, Optics Express, 27(21), 30931

Laser‐Like Emission from a Sandwiched MoTe2 Heterostructure on a Silicon Single‐Mode Resonator
H. Fang, J. Liu, Q. Lin, R. Su, Y. Wei, T.F. Krauss, J. Li, Y. Wang, X. Wang, Advanced Optical Materials, 7(20), 1900538

Surface-Bound Antibiotic for the Detection of β-Lactamases
L. Miller, C. Silver, R. Herman, A.-K. Duhme-Klair, G.H. Thomas, T.F. Krauss, S. Johnson, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 11.36, 32599

Interplay between optical and electrical properties of nanostructured surfaces in crystalline silicon solar cells

A. Safdar, Y. Wang, C. Reardon, J. Li, G.S. De Arruda, A. Martins, E. Martins, T.F. Krauss, IEEE Photonics Journal, 11.4, 1

Monitoring of individual bacteria using electro-photonic traps
D. Conteduca, G. Brunetti, F. Dell'Olio, M. Armenise, T.F. Krauss, C. Ciminelli, Biomedical Optics Express, 10(7), 3463

Multiparameter antibiotic resistance detection based on hydrodynamic trapping of individual E. coli
G. Pitruzzello, S. Thorpe, S. Johnson, A. Evans, H. Gadêlha, T. F. Krauss, Lab on a Chip, 19, 1417


Backscattering design for a focussing grating coupler with fully etched slots for transverse magnetic modes

J. Hoffmann, M. Schultz, G. Pitruzzello, L.S. Fohrmann, A.Y. Petrov, M. Eich, Scientific Reports, 8, 17746

Quantifying single-cell secretion in real time using resonant hyperspectral imaging
J. Juan-Colás, I. S. Hitchcock, M. Coles, S. Johnson, T. F. Krauss, PNAS, 115(52), p13204-13209

2D material microcavity light emitters: To lase or not to lase?
L. Reeves, Y. Wang, T. F. Krauss, Advanced Optial Materials, 1800272

Optical trapping with planar silicon metalenses
G. Tkachenko, D. Stellinga, A. Ruskuc, M. Chen, K. Dholakia, T. F. Krauss, Optics Letters, 43 (14), p3224-3227

Coupling between multimode fibers and slab waveguides 
L.S. Fohrmann, G. Pitruzzello, A.Y. Petrov, M. Eich, Optics Express, 26(23), 30255-30266

1305 nm few-layer MoTe2-on-silicon laser-like emission
H. Fang, J. Liu, H. Li, L. Zhou, L. Liu, J. Li, X. Wang, T. F. Krauss, Y. Wang, Laser & Photonics Reviews, 12 (6)

Photonic crystal resonances for sensing and imaging
G. Pitruzzello, T. F. Krauss, Journal of Optics, 20 (7)

Reflection from a free carrier front via an intraband indirect photonic transition
M. A Gaafar, D. Jalas, L. O'Faolain, J. Li, T. F. Krauss, A. Y. Petrov, M. Eich, Nature Communications, 9 (1), 1447

Paths to light trapping in thin film GaAs solar cells
J. Xiao, H. Fang, R. Su, K. Li, J. Song, T. F. Krauss, J. Li, E. R. Martins, Optics Express, 26 (6)

Random lasing in uniform perovskite thin films
A. Safdar, Y. Wang, T. F. Krauss, Optics Express, 26 (2)

An Organic Vortex Laser
D. Stellinga, M. E. Pietrzyk, J. M. E. Glackin, Y. Wang, A. K. Bansal, G. A. Turnbull, K. Dholakia, I. D. W. Samuel, T. F. Krauss, ACS Nano

Multiparameter resonant imaging for studying single cell interactions
J. Juan-Colás, T. F. Krauss, Light: Science and Applications, 7:45


Real-Time Analysis of Molecular Conformation Using Silicon Electrophotonic Biosensors
J. Juan-Colás, T. F. Krauss, S. Johnson, ACS Photonics, 4 (9), 2320-2326

Dual-mode Electro-Optical techniques for biosensing applications: A Review
J. Juan-Colás, S. Johnson, T. F. Krauss, Sensors, 17 (9), 2047

Integrating cell on chip—Novel waveguide platform employing ultra-long optical paths
L. S. Fohrmann, G. Sommer, G. Pitruzzello, T. F. Krauss, A. Y. Petrov, M. Eich, APL Photonics, 2, 096102

Photonic Intermediate Structures for Perovskite/c-Silicon Four Terminal Tandem Solar Cells
A. Martins, B-H. V. Borges, J. Li, T. F. Krauss, E. R. Martins, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 7 (5), 1190-1196

Flexible silicon-based alpha-partical detector
C. S. Schuster, B. R. Smith, B. J. Sanderson, J. T. Mullins, J. Atkins, P. Joshi, L. McNamara, T. F. Krauss, D. G. Jenkins, APL, 111, 073505

Ultra-high Q/V hybrid cavity for strong light-matter interaction
D. Conteduca, C. P. Reardon, M. G. Scullion, F. Dell'Olio, M. N. Armenise T. F. Krauss, C. Ciminelli, APL Photonics, 2, 086101

Photonic intermediate structures for Perovskite/c-Silcon four terminal tandem solar cells
A. Martins, B-H. V. Borges, J. Li, T. F. Krauss, E. R. Martins, IEEE J. Photovolt., PP (99), 1-7

Degradation of silicon photonic biosensors in cell culture media: analysis and prevention
G. J. Triggs, G. J. O. Evans, T. F. Krauss, Biomedical Optics Express, 8 (6), 2924-2931

Photonic and plasmonic nanotweezing of nano- and microscale particles
D. Conteduca, F. Dell'Olio, T. F. Krauss, C. Ciminelli, Applied Spectroscopy, 71 (3)

Efficient silicon metasurfaces for visible light
Z. Zhou, J. Li, R. Su, B. Yao, H. Fang, K. Li, L. Zhou, J. Liu, D. Stellinga, C. P. Reardon, T. F. Krauss, X. Wang, ACS Photonics, 4 (3), 544-551

Chirped guided-mode resonance biosensor
G. J. Triggs, Y. Wang, C. P. Reardon, M. Fischer, G. J. O. Evans, T. F. Krauss, Optica, 4 (2), 229-234

Label-free affinity biosensor arrays: novel technology for molecular diagnostics
S. Johnson, T. F. KraussExpert Review of Medical Devices, 14 (3), 177-179


Ultrafast laser plasma doping of Er(3+) ions in silica-on-silicon for optical waveguiding applications
K. S. A. Kamil, J. Chandrappan, M. Murray, P. Steenson, T. F. Krauss, G. Jose, Optics Letters, 41 (20), 4684-4687

High speed e-beam writing for large area photonic nanostructures -- a choice of parameters
K. Li, J. Li, C. Reardon, C. S. Schuster, Y. Wang, G. J. Triggs, N. Damnik, J. Müenchenberger, X. Wang, E. R. Martins, T. F. Krauss, Nature: Scientific Reports 6, 32945
for online version of paper see here

The electrophotonic silicon biosensor
J. Juan-Colas, A. Parkin, K. E. Dunn, M. G. Scullion, T. F. Krauss, S. D. Johnson, Nature Communications, 12769

Lower bound for the spatial extent of localised modes in photonic-crystal waveguides with small random imperfections
R. Faggiani, A. Baron, X. Zang, L. Lalouat, S. Schulz, B. O'Regan, K. Vynck, B. Cluzel, F. de Fornel, T. F. Krauss, P. Lalanne, Scientific Reports, 6 , 27037

Design of a high-performance optical tweezer for nanoparticle trapping
D. Conteduca, F. Dell'Olio, C. Ciminelli, T. F. Krauss, M. N. Armenise, Applied Physics A, 122, 4, 295

Optical sensing of microbial life on surfaces
M. Fischer, G. J. Triggs, T. F. Krauss, Appl Environ Microbiol, 82 , 1362-1371

Pure-quartic solitons
A. Blanco-Redondo, M. C. de Sterke, J. E. Sipe, T. F. Krauss, B. J. Eggleton, C. Husko, Nature Communications, 7 , 10427

Cross-phase modulation-induced spectral broadening in silicon waveguides
Y. Zhang, C. Husko, S. Lefrancois, I. H. Rey, T. F. Krauss, J. Schroder, B. J. Eggleton, Optics Express, 24 (1), 443-451


Spatial resolution effect of light coupling structures
J. Li, K. Li, C. Schuster, R. Su, X. Wang, B-H. V. Borges, T. F. Krauss, E. R. Martins, Scientific Reports, 5, 18500

Enhancement of optical forces using slow light in a photonic crystal waveguide
M. G. Scullion, Y. Arita, T. F. Krauss, K. Dholakia, Optica, 2 (9), 816-821

Single mode thermal emission
L. S. Fohrmann, A. Y. Petrov, S. Lang, D. Jalas, T. F. Krauss, M. Eich, Optics Express, 23 (21), 27627-27682

High-Q photonic crystal cavities realised using deep ultraviolet lithography
K. Welna, K. Debnath, T. F. Krauss, L. O'Faolain, Electronics Letters, 51 (16), pp. 1277-1279

Silicon photonic crystal thermal emitter at near infrared wavelengths
B. O'Regan, Y. Wang, T. F. Krauss, Scientific Reports, 5, 13415

Spatial resolution and refractive index contrast of resonant photonic crystal surfaces for biosensing
G. J. Triggs, M. Fischer, D. Stellinga, M. G. Scullion, G. J. O. Evans, T. F. Krauss, IEEE Photonics Journal, 7, 3

Non-degenerate two-photon absorption in silicon waveguides: analytical and experimental study
Y. Zhang, C. Husko, S. Lefrancois, I. H. Rey, T. F. Krauss, J. Schroder, B. J. Eggleton, Optics Express, 23, 13, pp. 17101-17110

Triggering extreme events at the nanoscale in photonic seas
C. Liu, R. E. C. van der Wel, N. Rotenberg, L. Kuipers,  T. F. Krauss, A. Di Falco, A. Fratalocchi, Nature Physics, 11, pp. 358-363

Plasmonic and diffractive nanostructures for light trapping-an experimental comparison
C. S. Schuster, S. Moraweic, M. J. Mendes, M. Patrini, E. R. Martins, L. Lewis, I. Crupi, T. F. Krauss, Optica, 2, 3, pp. 194-200

Tunable Optical Filters Based on Silicon Nitride High Contrast Gratings
Y. Wang, D. Stellinga, A. B. Klemm, C. P. Reardon, T. F. Krauss, IEEE J Sel Top Quant, 21, 4, 2700706

Photonic crystal waveguide sources of photons for quantum communication applications
X. Chunle, M. J. Collins, M. J. Steel, T. F. Krauss, B. J. Eggleton, A. S. Clark, IEEE J Sel Top Quant, 21, 3, 6400510


Fibre Coupled Photonic Crystal Cavity Arrays on Transparent Substrates for Spatially Resolved Sensing
M. G. Scullion, M. Fischer, T. F. Krauss, Photonics 2014, 1, 4, pp. 412-420

Contolling free-carrier temporal effects in silicon by dispersion engineering
A. Blanco-Redondo, D. Eades, J. Li, S. Lefrancois, T. F. Krauss, B. J. Eggleton, C. Husko, Optica, 1, 5, pp. 299-306

Contra-directional coupling into slotted photonic crystals for spectrometric applications
M. G. Scullion, A. Di Falco, T. F. Krauss, Optics Letters, 39, 15, pp. 4345-4348

Focusing with planar microlenses made of two-dimensionally varying high contrast gratings
A. B. Klemm, D. Stellinga, E. R. Martins, L. Lewis, L. O'Faolain, T. F. Krauss, Optical Engineering, 53, 9, 095104

Degenerate photon-pair generation in an ultracompact silicon photonic cyrstal waveguide
J. He, A. S. Clark, M. J. Collins, J. Li, T. F. Krauss, B. J. Eggleton, C. Xiong, Optics Letters, 39, 12, 3575-3578

How to assess light trapping structures versus a Lambertian Scatterer for solar cells?
C. Schuster, A. Bozzola, L. C. Andreani, T. F. Krauss, Optics Express, 22, S2, A542

Hydrogen induced optically-active defects in silicon photonic nanocavities
S. Boninelli, G. Franzo, P.Cardile, F. Priolo, R. Lo Savio, M. Galli, A. Shakoor, L. O'Faolain, T. F. Krauss, L. Vines, B. G. Svensson, Optics Express, 22, 8, 8843-8855

Optically Induced Indirect Photonic Transitions in a Slow Light Photonic Crystal Waveguide
M. C. Muñoz, A. Y. Petrov, L. O’Faolain, J. Li, T. F. Krauss, M. Eich, Physical Review Letters, 112, 5, 053904

Integrated optical auto-correlator based on third-harmonic generation in a silicon photonic crystal waveguide
C. Monat, C. Grillet, M. Collins, A. Clark, J. Schroeder, C. Xiong, J. Li, L. O'Faolain, T. F. Krauss, B. J. Eggleton, D. J. Moss, Nature communications, 5

Observation of soliton compression in silicon photonic crystals
A. Blanco-Redondo, C. Husko, D. Eades, Y. Zhang, J. Li, T. F. Krauss, B. J. Eggleton, Nature communications, 5

Phase-sensitive amplification in silicon photonic crystal waveguides
Y. Zhang, C. Husko, J. Schröder, S. Lefrancois, I. H. Rey, T. F. Krauss, B. J. Eggleton, Optics Letters, 39, 2, 363-366

Silicon nanostructures for photonics and photovoltaics
F. Priolo, T. Gregorkiewicz, M. Galli, T. F. Krauss, Nature nanotechnology, 9, 1, 19-32


Bidirectional multiplexing of heralded single photons from a silicon chip
C. Xiong, T. D. Vo, M. J. Collins, J. Li, T. F. Krauss, M. J. Steel, A. S. Clark, B. J. Eggleton, Optics letters, 38, 23, 5176-5179

Deterministic quasi-random nanostructures for photon control
E. R. Martins, J. Li, Y. Liu, V. Depauw, Z. Chen, J. Zhou, T. F. Krauss, Nature communications, 4

Integrated spatial multiplexing of heralded single-photon sources
M. J. Collins, C. Xiong, I. H. Rey, T. D. Vo, J. He, S. Shahnia, C. P. Reardon, T. F. Krauss, M. J. Steel, A. S. Clark, B. J. Eggleton, Nature communications, 4

Experimental high numerical aperture focusing with high contrast gratings
A. B. Klemm, D. Stellinga, E. R. Martins, L. Lewis, G. Huyet, L. O’Faolain, T. F. Krauss, Optics letters, 38, 17, 3410-3413

Enhanced energy storage in chaotic optical resonators
C. Liu, A. Di Falco, D. Molinari, Y. Khan, B. S. Ooi, T. F. Krauss, A. Fratalocchi, Nature Photonics, 7, 6, 473-478

Photonic crystal nanocavities in GaAs/AlGaAs with oxidised bottom cladding
K. Welna, M. Hugues, C. P. Reardon, L. O’Faolain, M. Hopkinson, T. F. Krauss, Photonics and Nanostructures-Fundamentals and Applications, 11, 2, 139-144

Dual gratings for enhanced light trapping in thin-film solar cells by a layer-transfer technique
C. S. Schuster, P. Kowalczewski, E. R. Martins, M. Patrini, M. G. Scullion, M. Liscidini, L. Lewis, C. P. Reardon, L. C. Andreani, T. F. Krauss, Optics express, 21, 103, A433-A439

Dielectric waveguide vertically coupled to all-silicon photodiodes operating at telecommunication wavelengths
K. Debnath, F. Y. Gardes, A. P. Knights, G. T. Reed, T. F. Krauss, L. O'Faolain, Applied Physics Letters, 102, 17, 171106

Enhanced 1.54 μm emission in Y-Er disilicate thin films on silicon photonic crystal cavities
R. Lo Savio, M. Miritello, A. Shakoor, P. Cardile, K. Welna, L. C. Andreani, D. Gerace, T. F. Krauss, L. O’Faolain, F. Priolo, M. Galli, Optics express, 21, 8, 10278-10288

Slotted photonic crystal sensors
M. G. Scullion, T. F. Krauss, A. Di Falco, Sensors, 13, 3, 3675-3710

Efficient color routing with a dispersion-controlled waveguide array
Y. Liu, S. Wang, Y. Li, L. Song, X. Xie, M. Feng, Z. Xiao, S. Deng, J. Zhou, J. Li, K. Sing Wong, T. F. Krauss,  Nature - Light: Science & Applications 2 (E52) (2013)

Optical guided mode resonance filter on a flexible substrate
P. Reader-Harris, A. Ricciardi, T. F. Krauss, A. Di Falco, Optics Express 21 (1) 1002-1007 (2013)

Room temperature all-silicon photonic crystal nanocavity light emitting diode at sub-bandgap wavelengths
A. Shakoor, R. Lo Savio, P. Cardile, S. L. Portalupi, D. Gerace, K. Welna, S. Boninelli, G. Franzo, F. Priolo, T. F. Krauss, M. Galli, L. O'Faolain,  Laser & Photonics Reviews 7 (1) 114-121 (2013)