Accessibility statement

Full service & self-service hours

COVID-19 update: Some of our locations are now open for bookable study spaces. Read more about how we plan to reopen our buildings.

The JB Morrell Library and the Harry Fairhurst building are open 24 hours a day throughout the year (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day).

To enter the buildings, you must have a valid University or Library Card or sign in at the Library reception.

Visitors who have not registered with the Library can't access the JB Morrell Library and the Fairhurst building between 10pm and 8am. Anyone wishing to join the Library will need to do so during full service hours.

Opening times are split into full service hours and self-service hours:

Term time hours

Full service hours

Monday to Friday: 9am - 7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Self-service hours

Monday to Thursday: 7pm - 9am
Friday 7pm - Saturday 10am
Saturday 6pm - Sunday 10am
Sunday 6pm - Monday 9am

Vacation hours

The Library Help Desk will be closed on Sundays through the Summer vacation period.

Service hours

Our vacation service hours vary on an annual basis, mainly around Easter and Christmas. You can keep up to date by checking:


We will announce any planned or unplanned closures:

Full service hours vs self-service hours

Full service

During full service hours you have access to the full range of Library services including help from staff.


During self-service hours you can:

  • Borrow items using self-issue machines
  • Return items using the return point
  • Borrow To Be Collected items you've requested, which you'll find on the hold shelf on the ground floor of Morrell
  • Borrow DVDs and other audio-visual items
  • Renew, request and book items via the Library Catalogue
  • Pay outstanding library fines and charges using the self-issue machine with self-service payments attached (card only, 50p minimum charge) or the online store
  • Use all the open access collections in the Library as well as online resources
  • Copy, print and scan using York Print Plus, and top up your account online or at the cash kiosk
  • Borrow keys for lockers on the ground floor of Morrell (except for the accessible lockers)
  • Eat and drink in the Library Cafe
  • Ask staff for guidance about our services

However, you can't:

  • Take out items if your charges are over £20, unless you pay via self-service payment options
  • Take out "Reference-use only" Interlending items, keys for accessible locker or lockers in the Fairhurst Postgraduate lounge, or other equipment
  • Get specialist help from Library staff or the IT Support team