The Sensory Rooms are spaces in the Library that allow you to moderate your sensory experience.

We have two dedicated sensory rooms in the Library: the Sensory Study Room designed primarily for studying and the Sensory Retreat Room which is a calm space that allows you to take time out from studying. 

They are located in rooms LFA/212 and LFA/213 on the 2nd floor of the Harry Fairhurst building within the University Library. From the Library entrance, go left to the Fairhurst to the far end of the corridor and take the staircase to the 2nd floor. The rooms are to the left of the staircase. If you take the Fairhurst lift the rooms are on the right-hand side as you exit the lift.

Below are images of the Sensory Study Room on the left, the Sensory Retreat Room on the right:

Sensory study room showing lamp, PC and desk

What is in the rooms?

The Sensory Study Room contains two height adjustable desks, one with a monitor and docking station and one with a PC. The Sensory Retreat Room includes comfortable seating and accessories such as fidget toys and mindful colouring books. Both rooms have blackout blinds on both windows and doors and lighting that you can control.

When are they open?

The rooms are open whenever the Library buildings are open. For most of the year this is from 8am until midnight. During the common assessment period and revision periods, the rooms will be open 24/7.

Who can use the rooms?  

Any registered user of the library is welcome to access the rooms, no induction or registration is required but please note that the Sensory Study Room is bookable.

Do I need to book before using the rooms?

It depends! We recommend you book to use the Sensory Study Room (LFA/212) using the study space bookings calendar. Alternatively you can book using the QR codes on the desks.

The Sensory Retreat Room is first come first served and does not need to be booked. Both rooms can accommodate up to two users at a time.

Is food and drink allowed?

Yes, hot and cold drinks are allowed, and cold food is allowed. Please consider the needs of other users of these spaces and bear in mind that sensory control for others may also include managing strong smells so if possible please consume hot food elsewhere; note that takeaways are not permitted anywhere in the library buildings. 

What do I do if I have a problem while in the room?

If you spot a problem or you're unhappy with the behaviour of other Library users, send us a text to 07919 293133 with the location and the nature of the problem. We won't reply but we'll deal with the problem as quickly as we can.

How do I provide feedback about the rooms?

Whether you have a question about how things work, feedback on the space, or a new idea, we want to hear from you. We provide a range of ways to contact us.

What other provision does the library have for neurodivergent students?

We’re excited to offer our Sensory Rooms, but we appreciate that they won’t suit the needs of everyone. As well as the room we also have a range of other support in place for you - contact us to get access to these additional services.

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