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There are over 1,000 single-and-group study spaces across the Library, with a blended approach of bookable and non-bookable spaces.

You can use our study space bookings calendar to book your space if you wish, for various lengths of time, seven days a week. Use the filter to choose between locations, and between single / group / socially distanced / accessible / PC or Mac study spaces.

All our bookable study spaces are very popular and you can book up to seven days in advance (new bookings are released at 8am every day); it gets busy during semester time so booking well in advance is a good idea if you can do it. 

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We are committed to working in partnership with you to ensure everyone gets the most out of our facilities. 

Our commitments, your responsibilities

The library has been (and still is) one of my favourite places on campus. I love studying there!

York undergraduate

Choosing a library zone

All our library sites are divided into zones for different studying styles. They have different policies around food and noise, so you can find a space which suits you.

Silent Zones 

Silent Zones are completely silent, with no conversation or even music through headphones. 

Silent Zones are also completely food-free, because students want to be able to work without the sounds of people chewing and eating. Bottled water is allowed so you can stay hydrated.

The Burton is a Silent Zone (pictured), as is Floor 3 of the Morrell.

Quiet Zones

Quiet Zones allow for quiet conversations. There is no group work in Quiet Zones, but you can expect some level of background noise; some people find this helps them concentrate better than complete silence. 

Cold food, and hot and cold drinks, are allowed in Quiet Zones. 

Floors 0 (the Ground floor, pictured), 1 and 2 of the Morrell are all Quiet Zones. 

Studious Buzz Zones

Our loudest areas are our Studious Buzz Zones, where there are group study areas and much more chatter. 

You can also eat hot-food in Studious Buzz Zones, bought from the library cafe or heated up in the Fairhurst Kitchen (however there are no take-aways allowed anywhere in the library). 

All three floors of the Fairhurst are Studious Buzz Zones. 

Egg chairs in the Living Room study space

Student-inspired spaces

As well as all the kinds of places to study you'd expect, we also have some very different spaces, all of which were co-created with students as part of our LibInspo competition.

One is the Living Room (pictured) on Floor 2 of the Fairhurst: a space specifically designed NOT to work in! Relax, play board games, draw some art on the wall, and stop thinking about academic work for a while. Another is the Family Study Room for students with young children. And there's also our Sensory Rooms that allow you to moderate your sensory experience and take time out from studying

Get to know the library better

In this virtual tour we'll take you through the Morrell, Fairhurst and Burton and tell you a little bit about what to expect.

Learn about the Student Kitchen, the Labs, the Skills Centres, the Living Room, the Borthwick Insitute for Archives and more - in under three minutes. 

If you're new to York (or even if you're not) you may find the New Students: Quick start guide useful.

Postgraduate space

There are dedicated spaces for postgraduate students in the Morrell (LMO/111), and the Fairhurst (PG Lounge on Floor 2).

Validate your University card on any of our three validation points in the Library for full access to these spaces. Please visit the Help Desk or email if you have any problems.

Other locations to study

There are lots of places to study as well as the main library. 

King's Manor

King’s Manor Library in the City centre offers non-bookable single study spaces across two floors, in a more traditional library atmosphere.

Study Areas

Vanbrugh and the Ron Cooke Hub contain 24/7 Library Study Areas. The Library@Piazza on Campus East also contains single study spaces.

Across campus

You may find individual study spaces in your department and also in the Ron Cooke Hub, Spring Lane Building atrium, and the Piazza Building on all floors.

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We are committed to working in partnership with you to ensure everyone gets the most out of our facilities. 

Our commitments, your responsibilities