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Research lifecycle: Search the literature - Organise your references - Manage your research data - Be copyright aware - Make your publications Open Access - Measure citation impact - Become a networked researcher - Distinguish yourself with ORCID

Distinguish yourself with ORCID

Use your ORCID iD throughout the research lifecycle.

Organise your references

Create your own libraries and automate your referencing.

Be copyright aware

Protect your copyright, and comply with legislation and licences.

Measure citation impact

Choose where to publish, monitor citation of your publications, and identify new collaborators.

Conduct open research

Make all aspects of the research cycle accessible where possible.

Search the literature

Get ideas, develop a search strategy and keep up to date.

Manage your research data

Plan, store and organise your data, and meet University and funder requirements to share data.

Make your publications Open Access

Meet University, funder and REF OA requirements, and apply to the York Open Access fund.

Become a networked researcher

Promote yourself and your research using social media.

Publish your research

Consider carefully where to report and communicate your findings.

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