Recommended laptops

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Getech is the approved supplier of laptops and related accessories for the University of York.

Please visit Getech's website to see the University’s recommended models:

Getech's University of York webpage »

Each recommended model purchased will be:

  • tested by Getech prior to shipping to ensure it is working correctly
  • pre-imaged by IT Services and internally supported by them
  • covered by an enhanced 3 year warranty to give peace of mind in the unlikely event that things go wrong.

Please be aware that this means that the box seal will be broken as a result.

Support arrangements

If you have any hardware problems during the warranty period please contact the Library & IT Help Desk. We will arrange with Getech for a repair or replacement device.

Recommended specs

Entry level

For routine office tasks such as using Microsoft Word and Excel, and web browsing including Google Apps.

More complex software can be used but performance may be less than required.

i3 processor
4GB memory
256GB SSD storage

£520.30 + VAT

£624.36 inc VAT

Standard The equivalent to the standard office PC. Performance will be adequate for most people. i5 processor
8GB memory
256GB SSD storage

£649.00 + VAT

£778.80 inc VAT

High end This will be ideal if you require more computational power to run more complex software or need to process a moderately high level of data.

i7 processor
8GB memory
256GB SSD storage

£851.78 + VAT

£1022.02 inc VAT

Hybrid This is the equivalent to the standard office PC and will be able to provide the performance for most people with the ability to use the laptop in tablet form and has a touch screen.

i5 processor
8GB memory
256GB SSD storage
12.5" touch screen

£940.00 + VAT

£1128.00 inc VAT

For travel use We recommed that anyone who needs a separate device for travel (see Using University IT facilities overseas) buys a basic low-cost model. Please contact us for advice on current recommendations.



Alternative models

If you are not sure that the recommended models will meet your needs, please contact IT Services or our Getech Account Manager, Michael Kelly (details below), who will be able to advise.

Alternative models are available to purchase from Getech but will not be supplied pre-imaged.

How to order

Orders should be raised on the York ePurchase system.

All York recommended laptops and associated accessories are catalogue products on YEP. You can find all of these products by entering 'Getech' in the search field.
Orders for all other products on this landing page can be raised on YEP as a free format order.

Personal purchases

If you are a staff member and wish to purchase a device for personal use under the advantageous terms offered by this agreement, please contact:

Michael Kelly
Education Account Manager
Tel: (01473) 243425
Fax: (01473) 740318

If Michael is not available, please contact:

Melissa Barber
Assistant Account Manager
Tel: (01473) 243446
Fax: (01473) 740318

Alternatively you may use Getech's general education sales contact details, and they will process your order:

Tel: 01473 240470