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Year 1 Timetable - A Typical Week

Overview of teaching activities

Our students do a mixture of lectures, small group teaching (tutorials and workshops) and a significant component of practical work each week. In addition, there is a comprehensive programme, across all years, of transferable skills training. A typical pattern of work for a first year student involves:

  • spending 8-10 hours attending lectures
  • spending 9-10 hours on practical works (including associated discussions or workshops and time spent writing up scripts)
  • 1 hour attending a tutorial with up to 8 hours spent in reading and preparing written work for it
  • on average, 2-3 hours for workshops

This still leaves a significant amount of time to follow-up on each lecture and for private reading. Each term involves an average working week of around 40 hours.

Contact time

Based on the Unistats KIS data, of the expected 1,200 hours per year of time spent on learning, each of our Chemistry degree programmes has a very similar amount of contact time in the first two years.

Year 1: typically 39% contact time

Year 2: typically 36% contact time

BSc Chemistry

Year 3: typically 34% contact time 

MChem (Year in York) Chemistry

Year 4: typically 55% contact time 

Typical timetable

Monday 9.00am - 4.30pm* Laboratory practicals
Tuesday 9.00am - 4.30pm* Laboratory practicals
Wednesday 9.05am - 9.55am Lecture course, eg 'Organic Carbonyls'
Wednesday 10.05m - 10.55am Lecture course, eg 'Aromatic Chemistry'
Wednesday Afternoon Time available for sports or recreational activities
Thursday 9.05am - 9.55am Lecture course, eg 'Transition Metals'
Thursday 10.05am - 10.55am Lecture course, eg 'Electrochemistry and Solutions'
Thursday 11.00am - 12.30pm Skills course, eg Maths workshops
Thursday 2.05pm - 4.00pm Workshop, eg Organic consolidation
Friday 9.05am - 9.55am Lecture course, eg 'Biochemistry'
Friday 11.00am - 12.00pm College Tutorial
Friday 2.05pm - 2.55pm Learning Support for Physical, Organic and Inorganic
Friday 3.05pm - 3.55pm Lecture course, eg 'Main Group'
Friday 4.05pm - 4.55pm Lecture course, eg 'Transition Metals'

* Students will typically spend one day per week in the laboratory.

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