Around 50 organisations currently participate in our year-in-industry scheme which you will complete in a fourth year. You'll have the opportunity to spend your final year working with one of them on an extended project.

At the end of your second year you'll receive details of the opportunities available for your year. Once you've identified the placements you're interested in, you'll apply for them at the start of your third year. You might be chosen for an interview and have an offer made that you can accept or decline.

Academic staff will discuss what the placement provider will offer you to ensure that you get the most appropriate experience, and that the project work provides an appropriate challenge.

Most of the organisations are UK-based companies, but some are in other European countries such as The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

What the year in industry will look like

During your year in industry, you'll have a University placement supervisor as well as an industrial supervisor. You'll meet with them at intervals to discuss your progress and plans for the rest of the placement. These meetings may take place at York or at the company.

A substantial portion of your work on the placement is writing a report which will form a major part of your assessment. Some companies offer permanent employment to graduates who have completed an industrial placement. You are free to accept an offer but you are under no obligation to do so.