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Applied Buildings Survey  ARC00071M

Module leader: Dav Smith


This on-site practical training module builds on the skills and techniques introduced in ARC00035M Buildings Survey. The module explores the commissioning and specification of measured building recording, and allows students (working in small groups) to undertake a building recording project. Working to a model commercial brief, it allows students to select appropriate methods, capture and process raw data, and produce finalised output survey drawings in CAD. 

Note: ARC00035M Buildings Survey is a prerequisite for taking this module.


  • To explore how to select an appropriate level and method of survey for an historic building project
  • To provide practical training in buildings survey by hand, photography, and instrument
  • To train students in the production of a survey report to professional standards

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Specify an appropriate level of building recording and identify appropriate recording methods
  • Execute an intermediate level of measured and image-based buildings survey
  • Produce an intermediate drawn, photographic, and digital record of a building
  • Produce a drawn record to professional standards

Advanced Buildings Survey 2015