Accessibility statement

Advanced digital imaging 

Module code

Module leader: Colleen Morgan


Advanced digital imaging brings together the various strategies archaeologists and heritage professionals use to produce a final product. By engaging with the various types of media and bringing them together to create a stand-alone multimedia project, students will:

  • Understand how to create a cohesive narrative
  • Legally use media created by others to add to their own projects
  • Improve their media literacy by reviewing other multimedia projects
  • Become familiar with technologies used to create and combine media

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this module students should:

  • Engage with digital media of various kinds (sound, visuals, etc)
  • Understand how to bring media together into virtual environments
  • Understand how different media formats communicate to different demographics
  • Create a media montage
  • Understand important concepts such as copyright and the ethics of visual presentation