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Our goal is to ensure that every academic and services department across the University has access to high quality marketing and communications support both in print and online. By working collaboratively with our colleagues we aim to deliver best in class marketing solutions. Email to discuss any marketing support you need.

We have created a strong brand identity to allow us to communicate that York is one of the best universities in the country in an impactful and consistent way.

We are responsible for producing the prospectuses, the weekly staff digest and updating digital screens, social media and the University’s website.

Job titleNameTelephoneEmail address
Director of Marketing Alison Kerwin 01904 324878
Administrator and PA to Director Rhian Cowsill 01904 322622

Strategic Marketing

  • Co-ordinates with faculties to support marketing activity
  • Co-ordinates internal communications such as digital screens, York Extra, welcome booklets and student surveys
  • Read more about our services for University of York staff
Job titleNameTelephoneEmail
Head of Student Recruitment Marketing Hannah Hughes 01904 322486
Faculty Marketing Manager (Arts and Humanities) Jeannette Bollen-Mccarthy 01904 324197
Faculty Marketing Manager (Sciences) Edith Caulfield 01904 323172
Faculty Marketing Manager (Social Sciences) Sam Martin-Smith 01904 324244
Research and Reputation Marketing Manager Sheila Perry 01904 324894
Internal Communications Manager Alison Sherratt 01904 324798
Student Communications Manager Allison Loftfield 01904 324194
Communications and Marketing Manager (Accommodation) Gareth Murphy 01904 324245
Market Analyst Heather Hackney 01904 323979

Marketing Services

Job titleNameTelephoneEmail
Head of Marketing Services Dan Wiggle 01904 322047

Project Management

Job titleNameTelephoneEmail
Project Manager Ruth Thijssen 01904 324682

Digital Platforms and Developments

Job titleNameTelephoneEmail
Digital Platforms and Developments Manager Chris Marsh 01904 324107
Senior User Experience Designer Paul Kelly 01904 324578
User Experience Designer Aimee Phillips 01904 322348
Front-end Developer Dave Hill 01904 322051
Search, Analytics and Digital Advertising Specialist Kris Barnes 01904 323423

Content and Communications

  • Production of web and print content for staff and students including the Staff Digest and University prospectuses
  • Manages the University's Social Media channels
Job titleNameTelephoneEmail
Content and Communications Manager Alice Mannix 01904 322423
Senior Content Producer and Team Lead Joanne Casey 01904 324292
Content Producer (Students) Christine Comrie 01904 323633
Content Producer (Internal Communications) Emily Lawley 01904 322629
Content Producer (Recruitment) Helen Briggs 01904 323908
Content Producer (Accommodation) Annie Heinsen 01904 322612
Senior Content Producer and Team Lead (Faculty of Sciences) Emma Edmunds 01904 324197
Content Producer (Faculty of Sciences) Nicola Thomis 01904 324343
Content Producer (Faculty of Social Sciences) Tom Lock 01904 324895
Content Producer (Faculty of Arts and Humanities) Helena Mullineaux 01904 324891
Content Producer (Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Faculty of Social Sciences) Katie Mapp 01904 323424
Social Media Producer Suzy Harrison  01904 324795 
Marketing and Communications Content Developer  Jenny Thomas  01904 322063

Brand Identity and Creative Services

Job titleNameTelephoneEmail
Brand Identity and Creative Services Manager Jilly Lovett 01904 322157
Senior Graphic Designer Phil Roberts 01904 322424
Graphic Designer  Sean Gee 01904 322425
Print Publications Project Manager Dodi Beardshaw 01904 322626
New Media Producer (Photography) Alex Holland 01904 323425
New Media Producer (Video) Joe Burn  01904 323426