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Job hunting toolkit

Our Job Hunting Toolkit pulls together useful pages from around our website to take you through what you need to know about finding jobs, applying for them and dealing with job offers.

Finding jobs

Myth busting

Understand more about popular myths around job hunting and how Careers and Placements can help.

What types of graduate jobs can I apply for?

Learn about the difference between graduate schemes, graduate jobs and entry-level jobs on our Graduate Jobs page.

Where do I find jobs?

Should I use a recruitment agency?

Understand how recruitment agencies work and when you should use one.

Applying for jobs

Understanding job adverts

Learn what employers put in their job adverts and what they actually mean.

When should I apply?

Learn about timescales for applying for different types of jobs.

CVs, applications, interviews and assessment centres

Resources and advice for applying and interviewing, including considerations about use of AI

Dealing with job offers and rejections

Advice on how to respond to a job offer and what to do if you keep getting rejections

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