‌‌Psychometric tests

Many employers use psychometric tests as part of the selection and recruitment process, to measure specific abilities, such as verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning skills. Some employers also use personality exercises to determine your typical reaction in given situations.

Read more about why employers use these tests and get some top tips for success in this guest blog written by PwC Student Recruitment Officer, Laura Blackledge.  

While you can't revise for these tests, you can practise examples to help you prepare. Download the information sheet, Aptitude tests (PDF  , 714kb). This gives advice on how to prepare and lists a range of online practice tests.

6 things to do now

  1. Try some aptitude tests: Profiling for Success - personality test, resilience and learning styles exercises (York log in required) or AssessmentDay for verbal, numerical and diagrammatic reasoning
  2. Practise some of the tests listed on the information sheet, Aptitude tests (PDF  , 714kb)
  3. Look at the books about tests (some are listed below), which are held for reference in Careers or for loan from the University library
  4. Check the Term's events page for employer-led test sessions
  5. Use the Maths Centre's workshops and appointments for help with numerical tests used in employer recruitment processes. Try this free online course Numeracy Skills for Employability and the Workplace
  6. Some employers may give you a brief idea of the tests they use - check out their websites

Read more

Available in Careers for reference or to borrow from the University library

  • How to pass graduate psychometric tests, Mike Bryon‌
  • Psychometric tests for graduates, Andrea Shavick
  • How to pass verbal reasoning tests, Harry Tolley & Ken Thomas
  • How to pass advanced numeracy tests, Harry Tolley & Ken Thomas.

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