Cycling and walking

Campus is easy to get around on bike or by foot. It's just a 15-minute bike ride or 30-minute walk from Campus West to the city centre, with lots of off-road cycle paths and on-road cycle lanes offering safe access into and around York. 

Cycle safety

Remember that at night, or in poor light, it is a legal requirement that all bikes must have working front (white) and rear (red) lights; police will issue fines to cyclists who do not comply.

Cycling equipment is available to purchase from the University mailroom, YUSU helpdesk or by emailing Prices: bike locks £10; helmets £9; lights £6 - £10; bells £2.50.

University of York Cycle Terms and Conditions for Staff and Students

  • Cycling and parking facilities on the University campus and halls of residence are owned and operated by the University of York.
  • Under no circumstances should bicycles be left in residential blocks, under staircases or elsewhere in University buildings.
  • Bicycles parked inconsiderately or inappropriately (eg.blocking building accesses, stairs or fire escapes) will be removed immediately.
  • Bicycles are parked at the owners risk.
  • Bicycles must be removed from University cycle storage over the summer vacation - if you need to store your bike over the summer vacation see the summer storage section.
  • All bicycles left in cycle storage must display a valid tag - see the summer storage section for details.
  • Bicycles considered to have been abandoned will receive a fixed notice and will be removed after 28 days - see the abandoned bicycles section for further information. The University will not be liable for the cost of replacement locks.
  • Bicycles remaining unclaimed after the set period will be recycled.
  • The University reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time.

Plan your route

Cycle Pumps

See the location of the cycle pumps across campus: Campus cycle pumps map (PDF , 4,301kb)

Save money

Unwanted bikes are regularly cleared from campus, recycled and sold at the start of the academic year. Keep an eye on the student news pages for sale dates.

Free bike hire

There are a small number of bikes available to hire for 48-hours at a time located at James, Halifax and Goodricke Colleges and King’s Manor.

You will receive email confirmation and details on when you can collect your membership card.

When you would like to hire a bike just visit the Ron Cooke Hub, Halifax College, James College, Providence House or King’s Manor receptions with your membership card and £10 for a refundable deposit.

You’ll be ask to sign a booking form detailing the bike number and date.

The Bike Doctor

Bring along your bike or buy a recycled bike at the monthly free Bike Doctor service. They take place between 10am to 4pm at locations on campus and offer free service checks available additional parts offered at discounted price

The events also give you an opportunity to register your bike with York's 'Operation Spoke'. Your bike will be given a small unique marking and registered on a database so if it is ever stolen it can be identified as yours when recovered and returned to you.

Upcoming Bike Doctor visits:
Monday 27 January, Vanbrugh Wall (near Berrick Saul building)
Monday 10 February, Ron Cooke Hub
Monday 30 March, Vanbrugh Wall
Monday 27 April, Ron Cooke Hub
Monday 18 May, Vanbrugh Wall
Monday 15 June, Ron Cooke Hub
Monday 27 July, Vanbrugh Wall
Monday 24 August, Ron Cooke Hub
Monday 21 September, Vanbrugh Wall
Monday 26 October, Ron Cooke Hub
Monday 23 November, Vanbrugh Wall
Monday 14 December, Ron Cooke Hub

Please note: You may be charged for additional repairs outside of the standard free service. We advise checking with the Bike Doctor team before leaving your bicycle with them.

Cycle training cashback

If you're new to cycling or haven't ridden for a while, why not sign up for a 90-minute training session with the University's qualified Travel and Transport team. Get tips on safer riding around the local area. Complete our booking form to register.

Once you've completed the session and obtained your certificate, email for £10 cashback!

Storing your bike

Cycle parking is widely available. Most staff and students also have access to at least one secure bike shed. See a list of locations below:

Bike shed locations

Ron Cooke Hub

Residences, Colleges, Ron Cooke Hub, Law & Management, TFTI


Residences, College, Harald Fairhurst, Helix House, Genesis 6, Eden's House

Langwith Residences, College, Nucleus
James Residences, Eric Milner A&B, Nucleus/Maths, Dalham Farm, Physics, Electronics
Halifax Residences
Wentworth Residences, Nucleus
Vanbrugh Residences, College, C Block, Berrick Saul
Alcuin Residences, HYMS, Seebohm Rowntree, ARRC, C Block, East Wing, Borthwick
Chemistry Chemistry Department, Chemistry Hub, WACL building B block
Exhibition Centre Physics, Electronics


Summer storage

Want to leave your bike on campus over the summer vacation period?

  1. Complete the Cycle summer storage application form.
  2. Once your form is approved you will receive an email to collect an ‘Aware tag’ which you will need to secure to your bike before leaving.
  3. The bike must be secured to a Sheffield hoop in your designated cycle store.
  4. If you have any questions regarding your application please email

Abandoned bicycles

Bikes that are deemed to be abandoned will have a pink band tagged to the frame, requesting that owners remove the cycle. Bikes that haven't been moved after 28 days are removed by the University. the University cannot be held liable for damage to locks.

Contact for more information or to report an abandoned bike.

All bikes are tagged over the summer. Simply remove the tag if you're using your bike. Any cycle booked into storage for the summer will not be removed (see right). 

Protecting your bike

Although York is a safe city, you should still take steps to protect your bike. If your bike is stolen, you should contact the police on 101 or on their loss reporting website.  

Follow these tips to reduce the risk of theft:

  • Use two secure-rated locks for maximum security 
  • Lock both the wheels and the frame 
  • Always lock the frame to a solid object such as a bike stand 
  • Use different types of locks (chain/cable lock, D-lock) which are harder to break 
  • Remove all your bike accessories every time you leave it unattended 
  • Make a note of your serial number 
  • Do not leave your bike unsecure/unattended at any time 
  • Always leave your bike in a visible location

Cycling facilities and showers map

Click the arrow icon in the top left corner of the map to find locations of bike storage, sustainable transport options, drinking fountains and more.