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E-scooters are available to use to shuttle across campus or to travel into the city centre. Free to use between campuses and as little as 75p per trip when travelling to the city centre, they're a quick, easy and sustainable way to travel.

How it works

  1. Before you can use an e-scooter you'll need to download the TIER app and have your driving licence verified.
  2. Next, we strongly suggest you complete the AA-led ride safe school resources via the app.
  3. You can then use the app to access e-scooters, see routes and find where to park.

Download the TIER app

Where can I use an e-scooter?

There are two main areas within which the scooters can be used. The app will indicate where you have to park. In order to end the trip you will need to park in a specific zone.

Sector 1A - Student Shuttle: This is a free student shuttle to and from Campus East and West. E-scooters for this route are parked outside the Spring Lane Building on Campus West and the Campus East Bus Interchange Car Park on Campus East. The route in both directions is via Church Lane then along Field Lane on the existing off-road cycle path.

Sector 1B - City Service: If you would like to access the city centre from campus, only e-scooters found in locations on Campus West should be used. Users can then take one of four routes into the city centre:

  • Along the river bank
  • Fulford Road
  • Hull road
  • The cycle lane bypass

How safe are they to ride?

TIER have also worked with the AA to create a wide range of safety resources designed to educate riders on safe e-scooter use. All riders will have access to the e-learning module and we strongly encourage youbto undertake this before embarking on your first e-scooter trip.

How clean are the scooters?

Sustainable transport

Cycling, walking and reducing car use where possible can have both positive health and environmental benefits. The University has a variety of initiatives on offer to help you keep active and reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustainable transport initiatives