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Lost or stolen cards

Found a University card?

If you find a University card please hand it in to the Information Centre at Market Square or contact us as soon as possible.

Lost or stolen cards

  • Contact us immediately
    If your card is lost or stolen please report this as soon as possible to the Information Centre, out of hours please contact Security on 01904324444. If you fail to do this you may be liable if your card is misused.
  • Replacement fee
    A charge of £10 (cash or cheque made payable to the University Of York) is made for a replacement card. If your old card is found after you have paid for a replacement you will not be refunded the £10. Please note that once a replacement card has been issued then any old cards become invalid, these old cards can not then be reacitvated in the future.
  • Library account
    Cards that have been reported as missing will have their library account temporarily suspended.  This will stop any one who finds your card from using it in the Library.
  • Replacing your card
    We advise you to wait seven days from reporting your card lost before starting the process of replacement. This is in the hope that your card is found or handed in to us.
  • Processing time
    Normally we will produce a new replacement card immediately, though this can not be guaranteed at busy periods of the year, such as the start of term. New cards are activated for library borrowing at the following times of day 4.40am 9.00am 12noon 3pm and 6pm when an automatic feed updates the library systems.


Things to consider before requesting a new card

  • Have you checked your email?
    If your card is found and handed in to us we will send you an email.
  • Have you checked at your nearest reception desks?
    Your card may have been found and handed in to a receptionist.
  • Have you checked at the library?
    It may have been found there after your last visit.

University cards

For more information on University cards for new students, damaged cards and terms and conditions:

Who to contact

Opening times: 8.30am - 5.00pm  Monday to Friday